Title: BL Lac Phenomenon
Volume: 159 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Takalo, Leo O.; Sillanpää, Aimo
ISBN: 1-886733-79-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-495-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
BL Lac Objects and Blazars: Past, Present and Future 3 Urry, M.
The Co-existence of BL Lacs and Broad Lines 20 Marchã, M.
A Seyfert Nucleus in BL Lacertae? 24 Axon, D.; Corbett, E. A.; Robinson, A.; Hough, J. H.
NGC 4051: a Disappearing Warm Absorber 27 Orr, A.; Barr, P.; Guainazzi, M.; Parmar, A.
Radioband Variability Properties of BL Lac Objects 31 Aller, Margo F.
Long Term Continuum Monitoring of AGN with the Metsähovi and SEST Telescopes. 41 Teräsranta, H.; Tornikoski, M.; Valtaoja, E.
Radio Polarization and Flux Density Variability of BL Lacertae: Oblique Shocks 45 Aller, H. D.; Hughes, P. A.; Freedman, I.; Aller, M. F.
Intraday Variability in BL Lac Objects and Quasars 49 Kraus, A.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Witzel, A.
Radiospectra and Kinematics in Blazars 53 Lobanov, Andrew; Kraus, A.; Zensus, J. A.
BL Lac Objects and Relativistic Beaming Model 57 Fan, J. H.
VLBA Observations of Low Luminosity Flat Spectrum Radio Galaxies and BL Lac Objects: Polarisation Properties 61 Bondi, M.; Dallacasa, D.; Stanghellini, C.; Marchã, M. J. M.
Long-term 1-22 GHz Spectra Monitoring of BL Lacertae Objects in 1979--1996 63 Kovalev, Yu. A.; Berlin, A. B.; Nizhelsky, N. A.; Kovalev, Y. Y.
Strong Flare in the BL Lacertae Object 0235+164 at 1-230 GHz in 1997-1998 65 Kovalev, Y. Y.; Terasranta, H.; Tornikoski, M.; Valtaoja, E.
Unusual Radio Variability in the BL Lac Object 0235+164 67 Kraus, A.; Quirrenbach, A.; Lobanov, A.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Schneider, P.; Wagner, S. J.; Heidt, J.; Bock, H.; Witzel, A.; Aller, M.; Aller, H.
Observations and Analysis of 1-22 GHz Instantaneous Spectra for 54 BL Lacertae Objects in 1997-1998 69 Kovalev, Yuri Y.; Bogdantsov, A. V.
Radio Monitoring of Blazars Observed with SAX 71 Bignall, H.; Tzioumis, A.; Mantovani, F.; Venturi, T.; Dallacasa, D.; Padovani, P.
The Character of the Microvariability of Three TeV Blazars 75 Miller, H. Richard; Daya, Alyssa B.; Ferrara, Elizabeth C.
Structure and Timescales of the Fast Variations of BL Lacertae during the 1997 Summer Active Phase 79 Massaro, E.; Maesano, M.; Montagni, F.; Nesci, R.; Tosti, G.; Fiorucci, M.
The Perugia Blazar Monitoring Program 83 Tosti, G.; Fiorucci, M.; Luciani, M.
Tuorla Optical Quasar Monitoring Program 87 Katajainen, S. J.; Takalo, L. O.; Sillanpää, A.; Hanski, M.; Heinämäki, P.; Kotoneva, E.; Lainela, M.; Nilsson, K.; Nurmi, P.; Pietilä, H.; Pursimo, T.; Rekola, R.; Riehokainen, A.
Red Synchrotron Jets in Parkes Quasars 91 Whiting, Matthew
0.75m Robotic Telescope for Quasar Monitoring Program 95 Babadzhanyants, M. K.; Chernyshev, M. V.
Near Infrared Photometry of Blazars 97 Chapuis, C.; Corbel, S.; Durouchoux, P.; Mahoney, W. A.; Gautier, T. N.
Long-term Variation of AGNs 99 Fan, J. H.; Xie, G. Z.; Adam, G.; Copin, Y.; Lin, R. G.; Bai, J. M.; Quin, Y. P.
The European Observational Network (EON) and Blazar Monitoring 101 Rezek, Tomas; Hroch, Filip; Hudec, Rene
Burst Alert Robotic Telescope (BART) and Monitoring of Selected AGNs 103 Soldan, Jan; Hudec, Rene; Nemcek, Milos; Rezek, Tomas
The New Robotic Optical Telescope Developed at Perugia Observatory 105 Tosti, G.; Falchetti-Frescura, A.; Fiorucci, M.
Optical Monitoring of the Quasar 1156+295 during the March 1998 Outburst 107 Villata, M.; Sobrito, G.; Raiteri, C. M.; de Francesco, G.; Lanteri, L.
Analysis of the Colour Variations of Blazar 3C 66A in the Optical Region during 1993-1996 111 Hagen-Thorn, V. A.; Marchenko, S. G.; Takalo, L. O.; Sillanpää, A.; Pursimo, T.
Large Amplitude Flares on AGNs 115 Hudec, Rene; Vrba, Frederick; Luginbuhl, Chris
A Comparison of the Optical Microvariability Morphology in X-ray-selected and Radio-selected Blazars 119 Noble, John C.; Miller, H.
A Comparative Study of the Microvariability Properties in Radio Loud and Radio Quiet Quasars 123 de Diego, J. A.; Dultzin-Hacyan, D.; Ramirez, A.; Benitez, E.
ON 231: The Possible Period for the Optical Outbursts having Multi-peak Structure 127 Belokon, E. T.; Babadzhanyants, M. K.
Optical/Ultraviolet Observations of 3C 66A 129 Carini, M. T.; Noble, J. C.; Miller, H. R.
Optical Observations of AO 0235+16 during the Autumn-Winter 1997-1998 Outburst 135 Raiteri, C. M.; Villata, M.; Sobrito, G.; De Francesco, G.; Lanteri, L.; Tosti, G.; Fiorucci, M.
Fast Optical Photometry of the BL Lac Object PKS 2155-304 137 Mantegazza, Luciano; Treves, A.
Photometric R_C Light Curve of the γ-ray Loud BL Lac Object S5 0716+714 139 Massaro, E.; Maesano, M.; Montagni, F.; Nesci, R.; Tosti, G.; Villata, M.; Raiteri, C.; Sobrito, G.
Optical Monitoring of the BL Lacertae Object S5 1803+78 in 1996-98 141 Nesci, R.; Massaro, E.; Maesano, M.; Montagni, F.
The Microvariability of AO 0235+164 in Outburst and Quiescence 143 Miller, H. Richard; Noble, John C.; Fried, Robert E.
Optical Monitoring of BL Lac in 1997-1998 145 Tosti, G.; Massaro, E.; Takalo, L. O.; Villata, M.; Kurtanidze, O. M.; Nikolashvili, M. G.
What is Happening in W COM (ON 231)? The Extraordinary 1998 Outburst 149 Tosti, G.; Massaro, E.; Takalo, L. O.; Villata, M.; Efimov, Y.
X-Ray Variability of BL Lac Objects 155 McHardy, Ian
ROSAT Observations of PKS 2155-304 168 Brinkmann, W.; Siebert, J.
Recent X-ray Observations of Intermediate BL Lac Objects 172 Siebert, Joachim; Brinkmann, W.; Laurent-Muehleisen, S. A.
ASCA Observations of BL Lacertae in 1997 Outburst 176 Makino, F.; Tanihata, C.; Takahashi, T.; Kataoka, J.; Kubo, H.; Kawai, N.; Mattox, J. R.
BeppoSAX Observations of BL Lac Object MKN 501 in an Intermediate State 180 Pian, Elena; Palazzi, E.; Chiappetti, L.; Maraschi, L.; Tavecchio, F.; Ghisellini, G.; Tagliaferri, G.; Fossati, G.; Treves, A.; Urry, C. M.; Vacanti, G.
Fast X-ray Variability of PKS 2155-304: A Cross Correlation Analysis 184 Treves, Aldo; Zhang, Y. H.; Celotti, A.; Tavecchio, F.; Maraschi, L.; Ghisellini, G.; Tagliaferri, G.; Chiappetti, L.; Pian, E.; Urry, C. M.
BeppoSAX Observations of 1 Jy BL Lacertae Objects 188 Padovani, Paolo; Giommi, P.; Comastri, A.; Wolter, A.; Ghisellini, G.; Maccacaro, T.; Maraschi, L.; Tagliaferri, G.; Mantovani, F.; Stanghellini, C.; Urry, C. M.
Synchrotron Cooling Model of X-ray Variability in BL Lac Objects 190 Makino, Fumiyoshi
Complex X-ray Spectral Variability during Flaring in 3C 279 192 Lawson, A. J.; McHardy, I. M.
Markarian 421: EUVE Observations from 1994 to 1997 194 Cagnoni, I.; Fruscione, A.; Papadakis, I.
CGRO Observations of BL Lac Objects and Other Blazars 199 Hartman, R. C.
BATSE Observations of BL Lac objects 209 Connaughton, V.; McCollough, M.; Robinson, C. R.; Laurent-Muehleisen, S.
Comparison of Radio and EGRET γ-ray Properties between BL Lacs and other AGN 213 Lähteenmäki, A.; Valtaoja, E.
On the Contribution of Unresolved Blazars to the Extragalactic γ-ray Background 217 Müecke, A.; Pohl, M.
Multiple Compton Scattering in Blazars 221 Bjornsson, C.-I.
EGRET Spectral Index and the Low-Energy SED Peak Position in EGRET-Detected Blazars 223 Lin, Y. C.; Bertsch, D. L.; Bloom, S. D.; Dingus, B. L.; Esposito, J. A.; Hartman, R. C.; Hunter, S. D.; Jones, B. B.; Kanbach, G.; Kniffen, D. A.; Mayer-Hasselwander, H. A.; Michelson, P. F.; Mukherjee, R.; Mücke, A. M.; Nolan, P. L.; Pohl, M. K.; Reimer, O. L.; Schneid, E. J.; Sreekumar, P.; Thompson, D. J.; Tompkins, W. F.
Study of the TeV Emission from MKN 501 with the Stereoscopic Cherenkov Telescopes System of HEGRA 227 Krawczynski, Henric; The HEGRA Collaboration
TeV γ-ray Observations of Southern BL Lacs 233 Roberts, Michael
Observations of BL Lac Objects with the HEGRA Cherenkov Telescopes 235 Petry, Dirk
TeV γ-ray Flux Variability of Markarian 501 239 Quinn, John
Multiwavelength Observations of VHE BL Lac Objects 243 Catanese, Michael; Whipple Collaboration
The MAGIC Telescope - Bridging the Gap at 10 - 200 GeV 249 Petry, Dirk; The MAGIC Telescope Group
Intensive Monitoring of OJ 287 and 3C66A 253 Takalo, L. O.
OJ 287: Cross-wavelet Analysis of the OJ-94 Project Light Curve 257 Lehto, Harry J.
The Periodicity in the Lightcurve of OJ 287 261 Abraham, Zulema
Two Methods of Time Series Analysis and Their Application to the Optical Light Curves of OJ 287 and 3C 66A 265 Marchenko, S. G.; Hagen-Thorn, V. A.; Yakovleva, V. A.
Spectrophotometric Monitoring of OJ 287 During 1998 Minimum: Evidence for Accretion Disk 269 Dultzin-Hacyan, D.; Benitez, Erika; de Diego, Jose Antonio; Wei, J. Y.; Gu, Q. S.
Extraordinary Activity in the BL Lac Object OJ 287 273 Hughes, P. A.; Aller, H. D.; Aller, M. F.
Blazar Activity Across the Electromagnetic Spectrum 279 Wagner, Stefan J.
Monitoring the High Energy Branch of S5 0716+710 289 Otterbein, Kai; Wagner, S.
Constraining BL Lac Models using Structure Function Analysis 293 Paltani, Stephane
Modeling the Millimetre-to-radio Flaring Behaviour of the Quasar 3C 273 297 Turler, M.; Courvoisier, T. J.-L.; Paltani, S.
A Multiwavelength Study of BL Lacs: Implications for Unification 301 Rector, Travis A.; Stocke, J.
Multifrequency behaviour of PKS 2255-282 305 Tornikoski, Merja; Tingay, Steven; King, Edward; Jauncey, David; Muecke, Anita; Johnston, Melanie; Clay, Roger
Simultaneous Radio/Optical Outburst in CTA 102 307 Tornikoski, Merja; Terasranta, Harri; Balonek, Thomas J.; Beckerman, Eli
Blazars: Recent Developments 311 Ghisellini, G.
On the Magnetic Field configuration in the Central Cores of AGNs 321 Ikhsanov, Nazar R.; Pustil'nik, Lev A.
The Variability Patterns of Synchrotron Emission and Particle Acceleration in Blazars 325 Kirk, J. G.; Rieger, F. M.; Mastichiadis, A.
The Dual Jet Model for Blazar Continuum Emission 329 Benitez, E.; Webb, J. R.; Howard, E.; Punsley, B.
A Monte-Carlo Method for Particle Acceleration at Multiple Shocks in Blazar Jets 333 Marcowith, A.; Kirk, J.
Rapid Variability of BL Lacs and Time Lags; What can we learn 335 Chiaberge, Marco; Ghisellini, Gabriele
Unified Schemes and the Two Classes of BL Lacs 339 Padovani, Paolo
Unifying all Blazars 351 Fossati, G.; Celotti, A.; Ghisellini, G.; Maraschi, L.
HST Observations and the BL Lac/FR I/ Unifying Model 355 Celotti, Annalisa; Capetti, Alessandro
The Jet Power in Blazars 357 Celotti, Annalisa; Ghisellini, A.
Self-Similarity and Observed Properties in Blazars 359 Georganopoulos, Markos; Marscher, Alan P.
Host galaxies and Environments of BL Lac Objects 367 Heidt, J.
Host Galaxies of Flat Radio Spectrum Sources 377 Anton, Sonia; Browne, I.
The Host Galaxies of BL Lac Objects and FR I Radio Galaxies 381 Lamer, Georg; McHardy, I. M.; Newsam, A. M.
Deep Imaging of the 1 Jy BL Lacs - MgII Absorbers 385 Pursimo, T.; Nilsson, K.; Sillanpää, A.; Takalo, L. O.; Heidt, J.
The HST Snapshot Imaging of BL Lacs 389 Falomo, R.; Pesce, J. P.; Scarpa, R.; Treves, A.; Urry, C. M.
NOT and HST Images of BL Lacs in Comparison 395 Sillanpaa, A.
The Host Galaxies of BL Lac Objects in the Near-Infrared 399 Kotilainen, J. K.
High Resolution Imaging of TeV BL Lacertae Objects 405 Nilsson, K.; Pursimo, T.; Takalo, L.; Sillanpaa, A.; Heidt, J.
Snapshot Images of BL Lacs from the NOT 409 Heinämäki, P.; Takalo, L. O.; Sillanpää, A.; Nilsson, K.; Pursimo, T.
Environments of QSOS at Intermediate Redshifts 411 Jäger, K.; Fricke, K. J.; Heidt, J.
Four Gravitational Lens Candidates in The HST Snapshot Survey of BL Lac Objects 413 Scarpa, R.; Urry, C. M.; Falomo, R.; Treves, A.; Pesce, J. E.
The Compact Jets of BL Lac Objects 417 Marscher, Alan P.; Marchenko, S.
VLBI Studies of MRK 501 and 0814+425 427 Aaron, Scott
The CJF Survey - First Results on Superluminal Motion 431 Britzen, S.; Vermeulen, R. C.; Taylor, G. B.; Readhead, C. S.; Pearson, T. J.; Henstock, D. R.; Wilkinson, P. N.
A Close-Up Look at Superluminal Motion: Subparsec Radio Observations of 3C120 and its Comparison with Numerical Simulations. 435 Gomez, J.-L.; Marscher, A. P.; Alberdi, A.; Marti, J. M.; Ibanez, J. M.; Marchenko, S. G.
VLBI Observations of Mrk421 and Mrk501 439 Giovannini, G.; Feretti, L.; Venturi, T.; Cotton, W. D.; Lara, L.
Possible Accelerating Motion of IR-mm Flaring Blobs in Blazars 443 Qian, S.; Witzel, A.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Kraus, A.; Zensus, J. A.; Zhang, X.
Rapid Polarization Variability in 0716+714 Far from the VLBI Core 447 Gabuzda, D. C.; Kochenov, P. Yu.; Cawthorne, T. V.
The Parsec Scale Radio Jet of 4C 39.25: Witnessing the Interaction between a Superluminal and Stationary Component 452 Alberdi, A.; Gomez, J.-L.; Marcaide, J. M.; Perez-Torres, M. A.; Marscher, A. P.
Parsec Scale Jet Behaviour of NRAO 190 after γ-Ray Outburst in August 1994 454 Yurchenko, A. V.; Marchenko, S. G.; Marcher, A.
Short-time Structural Variation of 3C273 456 Mantovani, Franco; Valerio, C.; Junor, W.; McHardy, I.
Second-Epoch VLBI Polarization Observations of Two 1 Jy BL Lac Objects 458 Pushkarev, A. B.; Gabuzda, D. C.
New Observations of Intraday Variable Sources 460 Kochenov, P. Y.; Gabuzda, D. C.
Blasar Variability from 8 GHz Geodetic VLBI-data 462 Pyatunina, T.; Aller, H. D.; Aller, M. F.
High Observed Brightnesses in Radio Jets 464 Spada, M.; Salvati, M.; Pacini, F.
Variability Models of γ-ray Blazars 471 Levinson, Amir
Radial Structure in BL Lacertae Jets? 475 Hanasz, M.; Sol, H.
Doppler Boosting and Orientation Effects in BL Lacs and Other AGNs 477 Valtaoja, Esko; Lähteenmäki, A.; Teräsranta, H.; Lainela, M.
Spectral and Temporal Variability Incorporating General Relativistic Effects 483 Wiita, Paul J.; Bao, Gang
A helical-Jet Model for MKN 501 489 Villata, M.; Raiteri, C. M.
Evolutionary Behaviour of BL Lac Objects 493 Beckmann, Volker
Four New BL Lac Surveys: Sampling New Populations 499 Laurent-Muehleisen, S. A.; Becker, R. H.; Brinkmann, W.; Siebert, J.; Feigelson, E. D.; Kollgaard, R. I.; Schmidt, G. D.; Smith, P. S.
The REX Survey: How to Find a Large and Complete Sample of BL Lacs 503 Wolter, A.; Caccianiga, A.; Della Ceca, R.; Maccacaro, T.; Giaia, I. M.
The REX survey as a Tool to Test the Beaming Model for BL Lacs 507 Caccianiga, A.; della Ceca, R.; Gioia, I. M.; Maccacaro, T.; Wolter, A.
The Radio-optical Spectra of BL Lacs and Possible Relatives 509 Dennett-Thorpe, J.
Properties of BL Lac Objects in a Complete Sample of Northern RASS Sources 513 Mujica, R.; Zickgraf, F.-J.
Polarimetric Identification of the RGB BL Lac Candidates 515 Pursimo, T.; Nilsson, K.; Heinämäki, P.; Katajainen, S.; Sillanpää, A.; Takalo, L. O.; Laurent-Muehleisen, S. A.; Brinkmann, W.
The Sedentary Multi-Frequency Survey: Preliminary Results on the Statistical Identification and Cosmological Properties of a Large Sample of HBL BL Lacs 517 Giommi, P.; Menna, M. T.; Padovani, P.
Concluding Remarks 521 Dultzin-Hacyan, D.