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Paper: Doppler Boosting and Orientation Effects in BL Lacs and Other AGNs
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 477
Authors: Valtaoja, Esko; Lähteenmäki, A.; Teräsranta, H.; Lainela, M.
Abstract: We have used the observed variability brightness temperatures of AGN monitored at Mets=E4hovi to derive the Doppler boosting factors for a large sample of BL Lacs and other classes of compact radio sources. A comparison between the boosting factors derived by this new method and values derived by traditional methods (e.g., synchrotron self-Compton and equipartition estimates) will be presented. The variability Doppler boosting factors and the VLBI expansion speeds are used to derive the viewing angles and the Lorentz factors of the sources. A comparison of these parameters for BL Lacs and for other AGN will be presented.
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