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Paper: On the Magnetic Field configuration in the Central Cores of AGNs
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 321
Authors: Ikhsanov, Nazar R.; Pustil'nik, Lev A.
Abstract: Observations of CGRO and VHE Gamma rays revealed BL Lac objects to be intensive emitters in the ultrarelativistic energy range. Interpretation of this phenomenon requires a specific configuration of the magnetic field in the cores of these objects. We show that the required configuration forms in the case of strongly inhomogeneous accretion onto a gravitating center. We describe the resulting configuration in terms of Z-pinch. Energy release in Z-pinch leads to the formation of relativistic particle beams and plasma outflows. The maximum energies of particles accelerated in Z-pinch are comparable with that observed with the VHE Gamma rays telescopes.
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