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Paper: A Monte-Carlo Method for Particle Acceleration at Multiple Shocks in Blazar Jets
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 333
Authors: Marcowith, A.; Kirk, J.
Abstract: We present a new Monte-Carlo method for particle acceleration and apply it to multiple shocks. These calculations are relevant to blazars, since they extend the single region "homogeneous models" to include multiple emission regions. Previous analytic and numerical work on multiple shocks has assumed them to be well separated in time or space. We lift this restriction by using a system of stochastic differential equations equivalent to the diffusion-convection equation for energetic particles (Kruells & Achterberg 1994) and implementing a new semi-implicit integration method. The results exhibit the flat spectrum implied by blazar radio emission together with a piling-up effect due to synchrotron losses. At even higher momenta, single shock acceleration takes over and the spectrum shows a power-law tail, which may be relevant to the hard X-ray emission from Blazars.
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