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Paper: The Compact Jets of BL Lac Objects
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 417
Authors: Marscher, Alan P.; Marchenko, S.
Abstract: I will discuss the parsec-scale jets of BL Lac objects, emphasizing what we have learned from high-frequency VLBI observations. I will compare the behavior of BL Lac objects with that of quasars, based on a sample of over 40 gamma-ray bright blazars. The very striking alignment of the polarization position angle with the jet axis seen in BL Lac objects at 5 GHz disappears at high frequencies. For many BL Lac objects, the jet appears very similar from one epoch to the next, although closely spaced monitoring reveals changes. This seems to indicate that we are seeing disturbances (e.g., shocks) propagating through an underlying jet pattern that changes little with time.
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