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Paper: Blazars: Recent Developments
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 311
Authors: Ghisellini, G.
Abstract: I will argue that the BL Lac and blazar phenomenology can be accounted for by a sequence in the source power and intensity of the diffuse radiation field surrounding the relativistic jet. An increase of the observed power corresponds to a decrease in the frequencies of the synchrotron and inverse Compton peaks and to an increase in the ratio of the powers of the high and low energy spectral components. Objects along this sequence would be observationally classified respectively as high frequency BL Lac objects, low frequency BL Lac objects, highly polarized quasars and lowly polarized quasars. These information help also to derive the bulk kinetic power of the jets, in the zone responsible for most of the emission. It is found that in powerful blazars the intrinsic radiated luminosity is a very small fraction of the kinetic one, while in less powerful BL Lac objects the efficiency is much larger.
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