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Paper: Recent X-ray Observations of Intermediate BL Lac Objects
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 172
Authors: Siebert, Joachim; Brinkmann, W.; Laurent-Muehleisen, S. A.
Abstract: The correlation of the ROSAT All-Sky Survey and the Green Bank 5GHz radio survey yielded a large number of intermediate BL Lac objects, a new class of AGN which exhibits spectral energy distributions intermediate between the previously known classes of X-ray and radio-selected BL Lac objects. We report on recent ROSAT, ASCA and BeppoSAX observations of a few archetypal objects of this class. The obtained broadband X-ray spectra are crucial for our understanding of this type of objects and they provide an important test for the proposed unification scenarios of BL Lac objects.
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