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Paper: Extraordinary Activity in the BL Lac Object OJ 287
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 273
Authors: Hughes, P. A.; Aller, H. D.; Aller, M. F.
Abstract: We present the results of a wavelet transform analysis of data for the BL Lac object OJ 287 acquired as part of the UMRAO variability program. We find clear evidence for a persistent modulation of the total flux and polarization with period 1.66 years, and for another signal that dominates activity in the 1980s with period 1.12 years. It appears that the longer time scale periodicity is associated with an otherwise quiescent jet, and the shorter time scale activity is associated with the passage of a shock, or shocks. The periodic behavior in polarization exhibits excursions in U which correspond to a direction 45circ from the VLBI jet axis. This behavior suggests a small amplitude, cyclic variation in the flow direction in that part of the flow that dominates cm-wavelength emission.
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