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Paper: Second-Epoch VLBI Polarization Observations of Two 1 Jy BL Lac Objects
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 458
Authors: Pushkarev, A. B.; Gabuzda, D. C.
Abstract: Our analysis of first-epoch 6-cm global VLBI observations for all sources in the Kuhr and Schmidt 1-Jy sample of northern BL Lac objects has resently been completed. We are now working on second- epoch global observations, as well as multi-frequency VLBA observations. We will present our most recent results from these VLBI studies. In addition, we present integrated rotation measures (RM) for 15 sources in the sample (for which values have not been previously published), based on multi-frequency VLA polarimetric observations at 18 and 22 cm. These complete integrated RM measurements for all sources in the sample. The integrated RMs are probably dominated by the passage of radiation through the interstellar medium of our Galaxy.
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