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Paper: Constraining BL Lac Models using Structure Function Analysis
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 293
Authors: Paltani, Stephane
Abstract: The structure function (SF) analysis is a very convenient tool to determine several important properties of a light curve. We show which parameters can be reliably determined from the SF, and compare this method with a Fourier analysis. Applications of SF analysis to light curves of several BL Lac objects are presented. The presence or absence of shortest and longest variability time scales are discussed, in particular in PKS 2155-304, where we show that there is no variability on time scales comprised between 40 days and 40 years. Always using SF analysis, we can constrain the Fourier power spectra of the sources. We compare the SFs of a single object at different wavelengths, and also the SFs of different objects at the same wavelengths. We show that the similarities and differences between the SFs have an impact on the relevance of the models of BL Lac object emission.
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