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Paper: ON 231: The Possible Period for the Optical Outbursts having Multi-peak Structure
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 127
Authors: Belokon, E. T.; Babadzhanyants, M. K.
Abstract: We present the results of B-band photographic photometry of blazar ON 231 obtained during 1972-1990. The observations were made using 0.45m reflector of Astronomical Institute of St. Petersburg University located at Byurakan Station (Armenia). Our data set consists of 280 brightness estimates obtained during 131 nights that were arranged nearly evenly on observing time interval. The addition of our data to ones published up to now increase twofold the number of available optical brightness estimates of ON 231 in 70-80s. The analysis of ON 231 optical variability is presented.
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