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Paper: Polarimetric Identification of the RGB BL Lac Candidates
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 515
Authors: Pursimo, T.; Nilsson, K.; Heinämäki, P.; Katajainen, S.; Sillanpää, A.; Takalo, L. O.; Laurent-Muehleisen, S. A.; Brinkmann, W.
Abstract: We present preliminary results on our programme "Identification of new RGB BL LAC objects". The original sample was selected by crosscorrelating the ROSAT All Sky Survey and Green Bank 5 Ghz radio survey. In the flux ratio distribution log(S_x/S_r) RGB sample is intermediate between XBLs and RBLs. Preliminary results suggest that about 60% of the objects have high (P > 3%) polarization, confirming their identification as BL Lacs. The results will be discussed in connecting RBL and XBL subsamples and compared to previous polarimetric studies of BL Lacs.
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