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Paper: Two Methods of Time Series Analysis and Their Application to the Optical Light Curves of OJ 287 and 3C 66A
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 265
Authors: Marchenko, S. G.; Hagen-Thorn, V. A.; Yakovleva, V. A.
Abstract: The results for search of periodicity by methods of ``Whightening'' and Wavelet-analysis are represented for the optical light curves of OJ 287 and BL Lac. The advantages and disadvantages of the methods are discussed. The comparison of the results obtained on the base of the optical light curves 1967-1989 (1) and the same ones supplemented by the data of the OJ-94 archive are carried out. The possible fractal character of the blazar's light curves is supposed. In the frame of the fractal analysis Hurst's parameters and the fractal dimension of the light curves are estimated.
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