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Paper: VLBI Observations of Mrk421 and Mrk501
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 439
Authors: Giovannini, G.; Feretti, L.; Venturi, T.; Cotton, W. D.; Lara, L.
Abstract: We observed Mrk501 with VLBI Space Observations (VSOP) at 18 cm on August 97 and will observe it again on April 98. Mrk421 was observed at 6 and 18cm with ground only observations (VLBA and EVN + MERLIN). I will present these new observational results to discuss the parsec scale structure of these 2 nearby BL-Lac type objects. A comparison with similar results obtained for low power radio galaxies (FR I) will be made at the light of unified scheme models.
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