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Paper: Short-time Structural Variation of 3C273
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 456
Authors: Mantovani, Franco; Valerio, C.; Junor, W.; McHardy, I.
Abstract: The results of VLBI observations of the quasar 3C273 made at 22 GHz with a Global Array and at 43 GHz with the Very Long Baseline Array are presented. The resolution achieved with both arrays is about 0.3 milli-arcsecond. The source 3C273 has been observed every 10 days for 5 times at both frequencies during a multi-frequency campaign in late 1992 in the radio, millimeter and X-ray bands. In order to study the structural evolution of 3C273 the morphology of the source at each epoch is described using gaussian components derived by modelfitting the final visibility of each data set. The results will be discussed.
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