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Paper: A Comparison of the Optical Microvariability Morphology in X-ray-selected and Radio-selected Blazars
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 119
Authors: Noble, John C.; Miller, H.
Abstract: Blazars are widely known to exhibit variability on many different timescales. The term microvariability is used to describe variations that occur on the order of seconds to hours. We have compiled an extensive database relating to the optical microvariability phenomenon in blazars and have undertaken an effor to characterize its morphology. Here we use this morphological characterization in order to investigate possible differences in the microvariability phenomenon between x-ray-selected and radio-selected blazars. We do this in the hope of being able to put constraints on the mechanism responsible for producing such variations so that we can better understand the nature of these objects.
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