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Paper: BL Lac Objects and Relativistic Beaming Model
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 57
Authors: Fan, J. H.
Abstract: In this paper: 1. The assumption of the dependence of Doppler factor on the emission frequence (deltanu = 3D delta_0^{1 + frac{1}{8} log frac{gammanu}{4}}, Fan et al. 1993 ApJ, 415, 113) has been used to explain the observations difference between the radio-selected BL lac objects (RBLs) and the X-ray-selected BL Lac objects (XBLs); the different Hubble diagram; different multiwavelength correlation; different regions in the effective spectral index diagram (alphaRO - alphaOX); and the different polarization, which suggest that the RBls and XBLs are the same. 2. From the analysis of the relation between the infrared magnitude and redshift, it is proposed that the parent population of BL Lac objects should be FRI radio galaxies and FRII(G) radio galaxies with the optical spectra of a galaxy. 3. From the superluminal motion, the assumption (deltanu=3D delta_0^{1 + frac{1}{8}log frac{gammanu}{4}} has been confirmed. 4. Based on the relation between polarization and the Doppler factor (Fan et al. 1997, A&A 327, 947), it is proposed that the difference between the radio selected BL Lac objects and OVVs/HPQs is from the fact that OVVs/HPQs have smaller f (f is the ratio of the beamed luminosity to the unbeamed luminosity in the source frame) than BL Lac objects, they should be the same class originally.
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