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Paper: A Multiwavelength Study of BL Lacs: Implications for Unification
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 301
Authors: Rector, Travis A.; Stocke, J.
Abstract: New multi-wavelength observations, including X-ray, optical and radio (VLA and VLBA) imaging and spectroscopy, for both the EMSS XBL and 1Jy RBL complete samples will be presented. Many of the differences between XBLs and RBLs are consistent with the beaming hypothesis; i.e., BL Lacs are highly-beamed FR-1 radio galaxies, and XBLs are seen further off-axis than RBLs. But results that I will present reveal differences in the spatial distributions and physical properties (e.g., emission-line and extended-radio lumin- osities) of the two samples, suggesting a more complex picture. While most XBLs are consistent with being highly-beamed FR-1s, half of the 1Jy RBLs are more consistent with being beamed high-luminosity FR-2s. Further, primarily in the 1Jy sample we find evidence for BL Lacs which are gravitationally-lensed quasars. The implications of these observations for unification models will be discussed.
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