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Paper: Near Infrared Photometry of Blazars
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 97
Authors: Chapuis, C.; Corbel, S.; Durouchoux, P.; Mahoney, W. A.; Gautier, T. N.
Abstract: One of the most important results of the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory has been the discovery that blazars (BL Lac objects and highly polarized quasars) and flat radio spectrum quasars are strong gamma-ray emitters. Furthermore, this emission is strongly variable on time scales as short as days, indicating that the emission region is extremely compact. It has been shown that the near infrared luminosity correlates well and better with gamma-ray luminosity than with X-ray. Two days of observations were conducted at the Palomar observatory with the Hale telescope, in order to search for rapid variability in the near infrared bands J, H and Ks. We deduce the gamma-ray fluxes, the total luminosity and will discuss our photometry results.
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