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Paper: The Variability Patterns of Synchrotron Emission and Particle Acceleration in Blazars
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 325
Authors: Kirk, J. G.; Rieger, F. M.; Mastichiadis, A.
Abstract: The acceleration of electrons at a shock front can produce characteristic patterns in the variation of spectral index as a function of flux. Using a simple model of the acceleration process, we present an analysis of these patterns and show how they vary when the shock front is embedded in a relativistically moving jet. As well as the relatively well- known and frequently observed "soft-lag", which should arise in any model which includes synchrotron cooling, shock models show "hard-lag" behaviour, provided the observing frequency is close to the maximum permitted by the acceleration process. In addition, the timescales of flux rise and fall depend on the motion (if any) of the shock in through the jet.
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