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Paper: Long-term 1-22 GHz Spectra Monitoring of BL Lacertae Objects in 1979--1996
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 63
Authors: Kovalev, Yu. A.; Berlin, A. B.; Nizhelsky, N. A.; Kovalev, Y. Y.
Abstract: Results of observations and analysis of the strong long-term variability of instantaneous spectra at 5--7 frequencies are discussed for several well known BL Lacs. The variability is observed as a process of consistent natural deforming an initial quasi-stationary spectrum of an object by the variable "elementary spectra" of a set of "elementary outbursts" in time. Any real outburst can be divided to the such set. The spectrum of the each elementary outburst is evaluated by the identical low. It is important that the evolution of the elementary spectra is natural, but the sum of them can be more complicated, if the elementary outbursts have a quasi-chance distribution in time. Such behavior of spectra can be explained, in particular, by the Hedgehog jet model of BL Lacs.
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