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Paper: Environments of QSOS at Intermediate Redshifts
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 411
Authors: J├Ąger, K.; Fricke, K. J.; Heidt, J.
Abstract: We present a deep imaging survey of fields around QSOs within the redshift range 0.6<z<1.0, where existing data are scarce. In contrast to many similar studies at other redshifts we observed both i) a large number (>60 OSOs) and ii) mainly radio-quiet QSOs. Observations were made at Calar Alto, ESO and McDonald Observatory. They are part of a comprehensive program to study QSO environments over a large redshift range to detect QSO host galaxies and hints for tidal interactions with close companions, to search for galaxy clusters around QSOs, and to study the dependence of QSO environments on redshift and intrinsic QSO properties. Within our data we have detected several close companion or cluster candidates around the QSOs. We report on our clustering statistics of the environments and stress briefly follow-up observations with the new large telescopes (e.g. VLT, HET).
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