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Paper: A Close-Up Look at Superluminal Motion: Subparsec Radio Observations of 3C120 and its Comparison with Numerical Simulations.
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 435
Authors: Gomez, J.-L.; Marscher, A. P.; Alberdi, A.; Marti, J. M.; Ibanez, J. M.; Marchenko, S. G.
Abstract: We present multi-epoch 22 and 43 GHz VLBA polarimetric radio observations of the radio galaxy 3C120, part of an ongoing monthly monitoring program of this source since November 1997. Thanks to the proximity of this source (z=3D0.033) we can observe the evolution of superluminal components -up to ten, in this prolific source, with velocities between 2 and 5 c- with the finest linear resolution, 0.07 pc. These observations are in agreement with our previous numerical simulations of superluminal sources, revealing the importance of the hydrodynamical processes that govern the shock evolution, and the powerful tool that this comparison between observations and simulations represent in the study of the parsec-scale jets in AGNs.
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