Title: New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Volume: 476 Year: 2013 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Ryohei Kawabe, Nario Kuno, and Satoshi Yamamoto

Hakone, Kanagawa, Japan 3–8 December 2012

The international symposium marking the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Nobeyama Radio Observatory (NRO) was held December 3–8, 2012 in Hakone, Japan. A total of 169 participants from 16 countries attended the symposium. The main purpose of this symposium was not to look back upon past achievements, but to discuss the new and future trends expected for radio astronomy based on the initial observations of the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA).

Many exciting results from ALMA Cycle 0 observations were presented along with those obtained with other facilities. Although ALMA is still in its growing phase, participants were amazed by the power of ALMA. The presentations covered a wide range of fields, including cosmology, galaxies, star formation, protoplanetary disks, astrochemistry, solar system, and evolved stars. Complementary instruments in the ALMA era and future plans beyond the ALMA were also discussed during the conference. The keynote presentation by Norio Kaifu (President of the IAU) is also included in this volume.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Book Cover
Front Matter Kawabe, R.; Kuno, N.; Yamamoto, S.
Conference Photos Kawabe, R.; Kuno, N.; Yamamoto, S.
Main Matter   
ALMA Observations of Arp 220 and Dust Continuum Measurements of High-z Galaxies 1 Scoville, N.; Sheth, K.; Aussel, H.; Manohar, S.; ALMA Cycle 0 teams
ALMA and Reionization 9 Blain, A. W.
The ISM in Nearby Galaxies 13 Walter, F.; Leroy, A.
Molecular Gas in High Redshift Galaxies 23 Combes, F.
FIR-Submm Metallicity Diagnostics for High-z Galaxies 29 Nagao, T.; Maiolino, R.; De Breuck, C.; Caselli, P.; Hatsukade, B.; Saigo, K.
A Redshift Survey of Strongly Lensed Submm Galaxies Based on Molecular Emission Lines Observed with ALMA 33 Weiß, A.; De Breuck, C.; Vieira, J. D.; Marrone, D. P.; Hezaveh, Y. D.; Chapman, S. C.; SPT-SMG team
From Mahalo-Subaru to Gracias-ALMA: Resolving Galaxy Formation at Its Peak Epoch 37 Kodama, T.; Tanaka, I.; Hayashi, M.; Koyama, Y.; Tadaki, K.; Shimakawa, R.; Kohno, K.; Tamura, Y.
Giant Molecular Clouds in M33 and M83 41 Kuno, N.
Evolution of Giant Molecular Clouds in Nearby Galaxies 49 Koda, J.
Fundamental Planes of the Interstellar Medium 57 Komugi, S.; Miura, R.; Onodera, S.; Kuno, N.; Tosaki, T.; NRO MAGIC team
Reformation of Cold Molecular Disks in Merger Remnants 61 Ueda, J.; Iono, D.; Yun, M.; Wilner, D.; Narayanan, D.; Hatsukade, B.; Tamura, Y.; Kaneko, H.; Crocker, A.; Espada, D.; Kawabe, R.
Molecular Gas Properties of M100 with ALMA 65 Vlahakis, C.; Leon, S.; Bendo, G.; Garcia, D.; Martin, S.; Zwaan, M.
Gaseous Spiral Arms in Centaurus A: SMA and ALMA Views 69 Espada, D.
Physical Properties of Molecular Couds in the Magellanic Clouds Revealed by Observations in Multi-transition CO Molecular Lines 73 Kawamura, A.; Minamidani, T.; Onishi, T.; Mizuno, T.; Kizawa, J.; Mizuno, N.; Fukui, Y.
The ASTE Galactic Center Survey in the 350 and 500 GHz Bands 77 Tanaka, K.; Oka, T.; Matsumura, S.; Kamegai, K.; Nagai, M.
Maser Astrometry with VERA and the Galaxy's Structure 81 Honma, M.
Star Formation: From Giant Molecular Clouds to Prestellar Cores 85 Onishi, T.
Star Formation as Revealed by Herschel 95 André, P.; Könyves, V.; Arzoumanian, D.; Palmeirim, P.; Peretto, N.
Magnetic Fields and the Formation of Cores and Disks 103 Basu, S.; Bailey, N. D.; Dapp, W. B.
The Origin of the Interstellar Turbulence and Small Scale Structures of Molecular Clouds 111 Tachihara, K.
Theory of Molecular Cloud Formation through Colliding Flows: Successes and Limits 115 Hennebelle, P.
The Dynamics and Chemistry of Massive Starless Cores 123 Tan, J. C.; Kong, S.; Butler, M. J.; Caselli, P.; Fontani, F.
The Millimeter Astronomy Legacy Team 90 GHz Survey (MALT90) and ALMA 127 Foster, J.; Rathborne, J.; Jackson, J.; Longmore, S.; Whitaker, S.; Hoq, S.
A Resolved Keplerian Disk Around the Class 0 Protostar L1527: A Path for Disk Formation Studies in the ALMA Era 131 Tobin, J. J.
Keplerian Circumbinary Disk and Accretion Streams around the Protostellar Binary System L1551 NE 135 Takakuwa, S.; Saito, M.; Lim, J.; Saigo, K.; Hanawa, T.; Matsumoto, T.
The Structure of Protoplanetary Discs as Inferred from mm/submm Interferometry 139 Dutrey, A.
Millimeter–Radio Observations of the Hallmarks of Planet Formation in Circumstellar Disks 149 Andrews, S. M.
High-Angular-Resolution Infrared Observations of Protoplanetary Disks 157 Fukagawa, M.; Hashimoto, J.; Tamura, M.; SEEDS/HiCIAO/IRCS/AO188
Resolved Millimeter Emission Belts in the β Pictoris and AU Microscopii Debris Disks 165 Wilner, D. J.
Pre-Stellar Cores and Infrared Dark Clouds 169 Caselli, P.
Molecules in Outflows from Young Stellar Objects 177 Tafalla, M.
Chemistry in Star Forming Regions - Herschel Looking Towards ALMA 185 Bergin, E. A.; Cleeves, L. I.; Crockett, N. R.; Favre, C.; Neill, J. L.
Nobeyama 45m Telescope Legacy Project: Line Survey 193 Takano, S.; Aikawa, Y.; Chen, V.; Hirano, N.; Hirota, T.; Kamegai, K.; Kobayashi, K.; Kohno, K.; Kuan, Y.; Liu, S.; Nakajima, T.; Ohashi, N.; Ohishi, M.; Ozeki, H.; Sakai, N.; Sakai, T.; Shiba, S.; Su, Y.; Sugimura, M.; Takakuwa, S.; Umemoto, T.; Wang, K.; Watanabe, Y.; Yamada, M.; Yamaguchi, T.; Yamamoto, S.; Zhang, Q.-Z.
Chemical Models of Star-Forming Cores 197 Aikawa, Y.
Molecular Line Observations of Protoplanetary Disks 205 Chapillon, E.
Diagnosing Gas Dispersal Processes in Protoplanetary Disks 209 Nomura, H.; Walsh, C.; Millar, T. J.; Aikawa, Y.
Planetary Atmospheres at High Resolution 213 Gurwell, M.; Butler, B.; Moullet, A.
Herschel's View on Late Stages of Stellar Evolution: New Enigmas to be Solved with ALMA 223 Decin, L.
From Large Scale Surveys of the Galaxy to High Resolution Observations with ALMA 231 Bronfman, L.; Merello, M.
The CCS 45 GHz Zeeman Project: Magnetic Field Measurements Towards Prestellar Cores 239 Nakamura, F.; Ogawa, H.; Kameno, S.; Kimura, K.; Mizuno, I.; Tokuda, K.; Kozu, M.; Tanaka, T.; Iono, D.; Takano, S.; Dobashi, K.; Matsumoto, T.; Kuno, N.; Kawabe, R.; Onishi, T.; Momose, M.; Shinnaga, H.; Yamamoto, S.; Maezawa, H.; Hirota, T.
Greenland Telescope Project 243 Asada, K.; Inoue, M.; Matsushita, S.; Greenland Telescope project team
Dinner Talk: Portraits of “Nobeyama” 249 Kaifu, N.
Sub-mm Singledish and Interferometric Observations of the Proto-Cluster around 4C 23.56 at z = 2.5 263 Suzuki, K.; Kohno, K.; Tanaka, I.; Kodama, T.; Hatsukade, B.; Tamura, Y.; Nakanishi, K.; Iono, D.; Kajisawa, M.; Ikarashi, S.; Umehata, H.; Ivison, R. J.; Wilson, G. W.; Yun, M. S.; Hughes, D. H.; Aretxaga, I.; Zeballos, M.
AzTEC/ASTE Deep and Wide Submillimeter Galaxy Survey in the Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Field: Identification of VLA, Spitzer and Herschel Counterparts to 1100-μm-Selected Galaxies and Redshifts 265 Ikarashi, S.; Kohno, K.; Aretxaga, I.; Arumugam, V.; Caputi, K.; Dunlop, J.; Hatsukade, B.; Hughes, D.; Iono, D.; Ivison, R.; Kawabe, R.; Motohara, K.; Nakanishi, K.; Ohta, K.; Suzuki, K.; Tamura, Y.; Umehata, H.; Wilson, G.; Yabe, K.; Yun, M.
Clustering Properties of 1.1 mm-Selected Submillimetre Galaxies Uncovered by AzTEC Deep Surveys 269 Hatsukade, B.; Takeuchi, T. T.; Pollo, A.; Kohno, K.; Aretxaga, I.; Austermann, J. E.; Ezawa, H.; Hughes, D. H.; Ikarashi, S.; Iono, D.; Kawabe, R.; Nakanishi, K.; Oshima, T.; Perera, T.; Scott, K. S.; Tamura, Y.; Williams, C. C.; Wilson, G. W.; Yun, M. S.
Submillimeter Galaxies in the SSA22 Protocluster at z = 3.1 271 Umehata, H.; Tamura, Y.; Kohno, K.
Molecular Gas Properties and Star Formation in Interacting Galaxies 273 Hiroyuki, K.; Nario, K.; Daisuke, I.; Yoichi, T.; Tomoka, T.; Koichiro, N.; Tsuyoshi, S.
Derivation of the Mass of Super-Massive Black Hole 275 Onishi, K.; Iguchi, S.; Okuda, T.
High Gas Fraction of Barred Spiral Galaxies at z ∼ 0.1–0.2 277 Matsui, K.; Sorai, K.; Baba, J.; Watanabe, Y.; Kuno, N.
Structured Molecular Gas Reveals Galactic Spiral Arms 279 Sawada, T.; Hasegawa, T.; Koda, J.; Handa, T.; Sugimoto, M.
Disruption of Giant Molecular Associations by Shear Motion in the Spiral Galaxy M51 281 Miyamoto, Y.; Nakai, N.; Kuno, N.
Feedback Mechanisms of Starbursts and AGNs through Molecular Outflows 283 Matsushita, S.; Krips, M.; Lim, J.; Muller, S.; Tsai, A.-L.
Boiling Molecular Clouds in the Central Molecular Zone 285 Tsuboi, M.; Sato, M. T.; Tadaki, K.-I.; Miyazaki, A.; Handa, T.
ALMA Observations of the IR-Bright Merger VV114 287 Saito, T.; Iono, D.; Yun, M.; Ueda, J.; Espada, D.; Hagiwara, Y.; Imanishi, M.; Motohara, K.; Nakanishi, K.; Sugai, H.; Tateuchi, K.; Kawabe, R.
Jet Kinematics and Absorbing Matter in the Quasar 1413+135 291 Lee, M.; Hiwaki, H.; Kameno, S.
ALMA Cycle-0 Observation of the Sombrero Galaxy (M104) 293 Doi, A.; Hada, K.; Nakanishi, K.; Kohno, K.; Terashima, Y.; Kawaguchi, T.; Sawada-Satoh, S.; Akiyama, K.; Ozaki, S.
Search for Extragalactic H2O Maser Toward Active Galaxies 295 Hagiwara, Y.; Doi, A.; Hachisuka, K.
12CO (J=1-0) Survey with NRO 45 m of GOALS Luminous Infrared Galaxies: Star Formation Efficiency against Galactic Merger and AGN Activity 297 Yamashita, T.; Komugi, S.; Matsuhara, H.; Armus, L.; Inami, H.; Stierwalt, S.; Kohno, K.; Iono, D.; Arimatsu, K.
Nobeyama 45 m Telescope Legacy Project: Line Survey of Galaxies 299 Nakajima, T.; Takano, S.; Kohno, K.; line survey team
Distributions of Dusty Star Forming Region in Local Starburst Galaxies 301 Tateuchi, K.; Motohara, K.; Konishi, M.; Takahashi, H.; Kato, N.; Kitagawa, Y.; Yoshii, Y.; Doi, M.; Kohno, K.; Kawara, K.; Tanaka, M.; Miyata, T.; Tanabe, T.; Minezaki, T.; Sako, S.; Morokuma, T.; Tamura, Y.; Aoki, T.; Soyano, T.; Tarusawa, K.; Koshida, S.; Kamizuka, T.; Asano, K.; Uchiyama, M.; Okada, K.
NRO M33 All-Disk Survey of Giant Molecular Clouds (NRO MAGiC): Properties of Giant Molecular Clouds in M33 303 Onodera, S.; Kuno, N.; Tosaki, T.; Muraoka, K.; Miura, R.; Kohno, K.; Nakanishi, K.; Sawada, T.; Komugi, S.; Kaneko, H.; Hirota, A.; Kawabe, R.
Molecular Gas and Star formation in Giant HII Regions of M33 305 Tosaki, T.; Miura, R. E.; Kohno, K.; Kuno, N.; Onodera, S.; MAGiC team
Infrared Spectroscopy of YSOs in the Magellanic Clouds 307 Shimonishi, T.; Onaka, T.; Kato, D.; Sakon, I.; Ita, Y.; Kawamura, A.; Kaneda, H.
X-ray Irradiated Dense Molecular Medium in the Active Nucleus of NGC 1097 309 Izumi, T.; Kohno, K.; Martín, S.; Sheth, K.; Matsushita, S.; Espada, D.; NGC 1097 collaborators
3D Modelling of Clumpy PDRs: Analysis of the Emission of the Orion Bar 311 Andree, S.; Röllig, M.; Ossenkopf, V.
Simulated ALMA Observations of Collapsing Low-mass Dense Cores 313 Levrier, F.; Commerçon, B.; Maury, A. J.; Henning, Th.; Launhardt, R.; Dullemond, C.
Fragmentation in High-Mass Star Forming Regions 315 Rodón, J. A.; Beuther, H.; Schilke, P.; Zhang, Q.
Physics and Chemistry of Strongly Irradiated Protostars in Corona Australis 317 Lindberg, J. E.; Jørgensen, J. K.; Bisschop, S.; Sakai, N.; Watanabe, Y.; Yamamoto, S.; DIGIT team, ALMA Cycle 0 Protostars team
Shock Chemistry in Low-Mass Star-Forming Regions 321 Yamaguchi, T.; Takano, S.; Sakai, N.; Watanabe, Y.; Yamamoto, S.; NRO Line Survey Team Members
Detection of Formamide in the Solar-Type Protostar IRAS16293-2422 323 Kahane, C.; Ceccarelli, C.; Faure, A.; Caux, E.
Observational Studies of Chemically Young Dark Cloud Cores 325 Hirota, T.; Suzuki, T.; Ohishi, M.; Sakai, T.; Sakai, N.; Yamamoto, S.
High-Resolution Observations of Centimeter/(Sub)Millimeter H2O Masers in Orion KL with VERA and ALMA 327 Hirota, T.; Tsuboi, M.; Fujisawa, K.; Honma, M.; Kawaguchi, N.; Kim, M. K.; Kobayashi, H.; Kurono, Y.; Imai, H.; Omodaka, T.; Shibata, K. M.; Shimoikura, T.; Yonekura, Y.
Distribution of CCS and HC3N in L1147: A Less Evolved Molecular Cloud 329 Suzuki, T.; Ohishi, M.; Hirota, T.
Tracing Galactic Magnetic Fields … through Zeeman Splitting of Masers from the MMB, MAGMO and GASKAP Proj-ects 331 Green, J.
The Shock Chemistry of Phosphorus in the Shocked Region L1157 B1 333 Aota, T.; Aikawa, Y.
Can Thermal Instability Grow behind a Shock Wave in HI and Molecular Clouds? 335 Aota, T.; Inoue, T.; Aikawa, Y.
Chemistry and the “Prestellar” Nature of the IRDC G028.23-00.19 337 Sanhueza, P.; Jackson, J. M.; Foster, J. B.
Two-Stage Fragmentation Model for Cluster Formation 339 Bailey, N. D.; Basu, S.
Spectral-Line Survey at Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelengths toward an Outflow-Shocked Region, OMC2-FIR 4 341 Shimajiri, Y.; Sakai, T.; Kitamura, Y.; Tsukagoshi, T.; Saito, M.; Nakamura, F.; Momose, M.; Kawabe, R.
Observations of Deuterated Species toward Low-Mass Prestellar and Protostellar Cores 343 Nishimura, Y.; Sakai, N.; Watanabe, Y.; Sakai, T.; Hirota, T.; Yamamoto, S.
Mapping Observations of the Horsehead Nebula and the NGC 2023 Region in the NH3 (1,1),(2,2) and (3,3) Lines with the Nobeyama 45 m Telescope 345 Ohashi, S.; Kitamura, Y.; Akashi, T.
The VLBI Imaging Survey of the 6.7 GHz Methanol Masers using the JVN/EAVN 347 Sugiyama, K.; Fujisawa, K.; Hachisuka, K.; Yonekura, Y.; Motogi, K.; Honma, M.; Hirota, T.; Sawada-Satoh, S.; Niinuma, K.; Murata, Y.; Doi, A.; Ogawa, H.; Shen, Z.
Statistical Equilibrium Calculation of OH: Interpretation of the 1612 MHz Absorption Line in HCL2 349 Inokuma, H.; Sakai, N.; Maezawa, H.; Menten, K.; Yamamoto, S.
Abundant CH3OH in the Cold Starless Core TMC-1 351 Soma, T.; Sakai, N.; Watanabe, Y.; Yamamoto, S.
The 0.8 mm Spectral Line Survey toward Low-Mass Protostellar Cores with ASTE 353 Watanabe, Y.; Sakai, N.; Lindberg, J.; Jørgensen, J.; Bisschop, S.; Yamamoto, S.
Nobeyama 45 m Telescope Legacy Project: Line Survey of L1527 355 Tokudome, T.; Sakai, N.; Sakai, T.; Takano, S.; Yamamoto, S.; NRO Line Survey Project Members
Atlas and Catalog of Dark Clouds Based on the 2 Micron All Sky Survey. II. Correction of the Background Using the Besançon Galaxy Model 357 Dobashi, K.; Marshall, D. J.; Shimoikura, T.; Bernard, J.
Deuterium Fractionation just after the Star Formation 359 Shibata, D.; Sakai, N.; Yamamoto, S.
The Dynamical State of Filementary Infrared Dark Cloud, Serpens South 363 Tanaka, T.; Awazu, Y.; Nakamura, F.; Sugitani, K.; Shimajiri, Y.; Kawabe, R.; Ohnishi, T.; Yoshida, H.
Cluster Formation in the Sh247/ Sh252/ BFS52 Regions 365 Shimoikura, T.; Dobashi, K.; Onishi, T.; Ogawa, H.; Kimura, K.; Nishimura, A.; Matsumoto, T.; Nakamura, F.; Saito, H.
Nobeyama 45M Telescope Lagacy Project: Line Survey of IRDC G28.34+0.06 367 Liu, S.-Y.; Takano, S.; Line Survey Team
Multi-Phase Dynamics of Magnetized Interstellar Medium 369 Inutsuka, S.; Inoue, T.; Iwasaki, K.
Chemical Compositions of Massive Clumps in Early Evolutionary Stages of High-Mass Star Formation 371 Sakai, T.; Sakai, N.; Furuya, K.; Aikawa, Y.; Hirota, T.; Yamamoto, S.
Discovery of the rotating molecular outflow and disk in the Class-0/I protostar [BHB2007]#11 in Pipe 373 Hara, C.; Kawabe, R.; Shimajiri, Y.; Ueda, J.; Kurono, Y.; Tsukagoshi, T.; Nakamura, F.; Saito, M.; Wilner, D.
Mapping Observation toward Protostellar Core L1527 375 Kiyokane, K.; Saito, M.; Saigo, K.; Kurono, Y.; Momose, M.; Tsukagoshi, T.; NRO45m SF-Legacy Team
A Study on the Excitation Mechanism of Methyl Formate in Orion KL by using Transitions in the Vibrational Excited States 377 Kobayashi, K.; Sakai, Y.; Sasaki, M.; Kakimoto, S.; Takano, S.
Molecular Emission Observations of Dense Core L1689-SMM16 379 Chitsazzadeh, S.; Di Francesco, J.; Bourke, T.; Friesen, R.; Langston, G.; Pineda, J.; Schnee, S.; Shimajiri, Y.; Takakuwa, S.; Tatematsu, K.; Tobin, J.
New Detection of an Extremely Blue-shift Dominated Jet in G353.273+0.641: A Possible Disk-Jet System on 100 AU Scale 381 Motogi, K.; Fujisawa, K.; Sugiyama, K.; Niinuma, K.; Sorai, K.; Honma, M.; Hirota, T.; Yonekura, Y.; Hachisuka, K.; Walsh, A. J.
Deuterated Water in Turbulent Protoplanetary Disks 383 Furuya, K.; Aikawa, Y.; Nomura, H.; Hersant, F.; Wakelam, V.
Molecular Evolution in the First Hydrostatic Core Phase Adapting Three-Dimensional Radiation Hydrodynamic Simulations 385 Furuya, K.; Aikawa, Y.; Tomida, K.; Matsumoto, T.; Saigo, K.; Tomisaka, K.; Hersant, F.; Wakelam, V.
Temperature and Surface Density Structures of a Typical Full Disk around MWC 480 387 Akiyama, E.; Momose, M.; Tsukagoshi, T.; Kitamura, Y.
Near-Infrared Imaging Observations of Circumstellar Disk around HD 169142 with Subaru/HiCIAO 389 Momose, M.; Morita, A.; Okamoto, Y.; Fukagawa, M.; Honda, M.; Muto, T.; Takeuchi, T.; Hashimoto, J.; Tamura, M.; SEEDS/HiCIAO/AO188 teams
Submillimeter and Near Infrared Studies for the Evolved Transition Disk around Sz 91 391 Tsukagoshi, T.; Momose, M.; Hashimoto, J.; Kudo, T.; Andrews, S.; Ohashi, N.; Kitamura, Y.; Saito, M.; Wilner, D.; Tamura, M.; Kawabe, R.
The Influences of Disk Winds on Chemical Evolution of Plotoplanetary Disks 393 Ishimoto, D.; Nomura, H.; Heinzeller, D.; Walsh, C.; Millar, T. J.; Saigo, K.
The Mass Loss History of WX Psc 395 Trejo, A.; Zhao-Geisler, R.; Kemper, F.
Spatially Resolving an Extremely Young Intermediate-mass Protostar in Orion 397 Takahashi, S.; Saigo, K.; Ho, P. T. P.; Tomida, K.
Molecular Clouds Associated with Spitzer GLIMPSE Extended Green Objects (EGOs) — Similarity and Randomness 399 He, J. H.; Tahakashi, S.; Chen, X.
A New “Off-point-less” Method for Mm/submm Spectroscopy with a Frequency-Modulating Local Oscillator 401 Tamura, Y.; Tatamitani, Y.; Takahashi, S.; Horigome, O.; Maekawa, J.; Kohno, K.; Sakai, T.; Taniguchi, A.
A New 45 GHz Band Receiver with Dual Polarization for NRO 45-m Telescope 403 Tokuda, K.; Kozu, M.; Kimura, K.; Muraoka, K.; Maezawa, H.; Onishi, T.; Ogawa, H.; Nakamura, F.; Kuno, N.; Takano, S.; Iono, D.; Kawabe, R.; Kameno, S.
Optimization by Smoothed Bandpass Calibration in Radio Spectroscopy 407 Kameno, S.; Yamaki, H.; Mizuno, I.; Beppu, H.; Imai, H.; Kuno, N.; Akashi, T.
ALMA Extended Array 409 Kameno, S.; Nakai, N.; Honma, M.
East Asian ALMA Imaging Team Studies with ALMA Science Verification Data 411 Espada, D.; Takahashi, S.; Chapillon, E.; Akiyama, E.; EA Imaging Team
Astronomical Verification of ALMA Array Elements 413 Asayama, S.; Knee, L. B. G.; Calisse, P. G.; Colque, J. P.; López, C.; Nakos, T.; Phillips, N. M.; Plarre, K. H.; Radiszcz, M. C.; Siringo, G.; Yatagai, H.
Development of 32-m Radio Telescopes for Monitoring Observations of Methanol Masers, H2O Masers, and Radio Continuum 415 Yonekura, Y.; Saito, Y.; Saito, T.; Mori, T.; Soon, K. L.; Momose, M.; Yokosawa, M.; Ogawa, H.; Fujisawa, K.; Sugiyama, K.; Motogi, K.; Takaba, H.; Sorai, K.; Nakai, N.; Kameno, S.; Kobayashi, H.; Kawaguchi, N.; Hachisuka, K.
Test Observations of a New 100 GHz Wave-Band FOur-beam REceiver System on the Nobeyama 45-m Telescope (FOREST) 417 Muraoka, K.; Matsui, K.; Akashi, T.; Kuno, N.; Iwashita, H.; Miyazawa, C.; Koyano, M.; Baji, H.; Maekawa, J.; Nakajima, T.; Onodera, S.; Sakai, T.; Kimura, K.; Maezawa, H.; Onishi, T.; Ogawa, H.
The 0.9 and 1.3 THz Superconducting HEB Mixer Receiver for the ASTE 10 m Telescope 419 Shiino, T.; Furuya, R.; Soma, T.; Sakai, T.; Watanabe, Y.; Sakai, N.; Jiang, L.; Ohguchi, O.; Maezawa, H.; Yamakura, T.; Yamamoto, S.
Development of Wideband Feed and Receiver System for Kashima 34m Antenna 421 Ujihara, H.; Takefuji, K.; Sekido, M.; Ichikawa, R.
The 1.85 m mm-submm Telescope: A Newly-Developed CO Multi-Line Surveyor 423 Nishimura, A.; Kimura, K.; Muraoka, K.; Maezawa, H.; Onishi, T.; Ogawa, H.; Dobashi, K.; ALMA 1.85m Group
A Large Millimeter and Submillimeter Telescope Project: ALMA-SPICA Synergy Telescope (“ASTE-II”) 425 Kawabe, R.; Kohno, K.; Yamamoto, S.; Tamura, Y.; Totani, T.; Kitayama, T.; Komatsu, E.; Onishi, T.; Oshima, T.; Honma, M.; Matsuhara, H.; Nakanishi, H.; Iono, D.; Kuno, N.; Momose, M.; New Telescope Working Group
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