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Paper: X-ray Irradiated Dense Molecular Medium in the Active Nucleus of NGC 1097
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 309
Authors: Izumi, T.; Kohno, K.; Martín, S.; Sheth, K.; Matsushita, S.; Espada, D.; NGC 1097 collaborators
Abstract: We have conducted an observation towards the nucleus of a type-1 Seyfert, NGC 1097 in ALMA Cycle 0 with Band 7. The results of this observations are summarized as follows: (1) No vibrationally excited HCN emission has been detected. This indicates that the IR pumping is not the cause of HCN enhancement in this galaxy. (2) We found an extremely high HCN(J=4-3) to CS(J=7-6) line ratio, which is over 10. A similar ratio (∼ 10) was also found in NGC 1068 (AGN). However, such high ratios have never been observed in starburst galaxies and Galactic star-forming regions. Therefore, we regard this line ratio as an effective discriminator between AGN and starburst activity.
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