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Paper: Nobeyama 45M Telescope Lagacy Project: Line Survey of IRDC G28.34+0.06
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 367
Authors: Liu, S.-Y.; Takano, S.; Line Survey Team
Abstract: We carried out a molecular line survey with the Nobeyama Radio Observaotry 45-m Telescope toward the massive star and cluster forming clumps in IRDC G28.34+0.06 at the 3mm atmospheric window as part of the observatory legacy projects. Distinctively different spectral signatures are found among these clumps, signifying their different physical and chemical properties likely related to the evolutionary stages. For example, hot core tracers are clearly found in MM1, where 30 some species have been detected. MM4 also harbors hot core(s) as indicated by the detection of, for example, CH3CN, CH3OH and CH3CHO, although the gas temperature derived from the CH3CN J=5-4 lines is noticeably cooler (≤30 K) than that in MM1 (∼50 K). The highest values of [CCS]/[N2H+] and the lack of hot core signature of MM9 mark its cold and early stage in evolution.
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