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Paper: Near-Infrared Imaging Observations of Circumstellar Disk around HD 169142 with Subaru/HiCIAO
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 389
Authors: Momose, M.; Morita, A.; Okamoto, Y.; Fukagawa, M.; Honda, M.; Muto, T.; Takeuchi, T.; Hashimoto, J.; Tamura, M.; SEEDS/HiCIAO/AO188 teams
Abstract: We report on the results of coronagraphic polarization imaging of circumstellar disk around HD169142 in H-band with Subaru/HiCIAO. Scattered light was detected in the regions of 29–160 AU in radius. The azimuthally-averaged radial distribution of polarization intensity (PI) is well described by power-law form of propto r–3 in the regions r < 52AU and r > 81AU. The normalized PI in the outer power-law region is higher than that in the inner power-law region by a factor of 4.5. The r–3-dependence of PI can be reproduced by disk structure with the surface density Σ(r) ∝ r–1 and the scale height H(r) ∝ r+1. The difference in normalized PI between the two regions can be explained when dust growth is taking place in the inner part of the disk.
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