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Paper: Molecular Gas Properties of M100 with ALMA
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 65
Authors: Vlahakis, C.; Leon, S.; Bendo, G.; Garcia, D.; Martin, S.; Zwaan, M.
Abstract: We present an overview of Atacama Large Millimetre/submillimetre Array (ALMA) Science Verification results, focussing on CO J=1-0 observations of M100, a nearby ‘grand-design’ barred spiral galaxy in the Virgo cluster. Due to its proximity (∼16 Mpc) and relatively face-on inclination, M100 is an ideal target for molecular gas studies. We compare the ALMA CO data, at a spatial resolution of ∼200 pc, with previously unpublished HI data taken with the Very Large Array (VLA). We describe the integrated intensity maps and compare them to other data from the literature to investigate the variation of the molecular gas, atomic gas and star formation properties, including the star formation law.
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