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Paper: Observations of Deuterated Species toward Low-Mass Prestellar and Protostellar Cores
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 343
Authors: Nishimura, Y.; Sakai, N.; Watanabe, Y.; Sakai, T.; Hirota, T.; Yamamoto, S.
Abstract: We have conducted observations of the ground-state transition lines (J = 1–0) of the fundamental deuterated species DCO+, DNC, DCN, CCD and N2D+ as well as those of H13CO+, HN13C, H13CN, CCH and N2H+ with the Nobeyama 45 m telescope. The target sources are the cold starless cores, TMC-1 and Lupus-1A, and the low-mass star forming cores, L1527 and IRAS15398-3359. The excitation temperatures derived from intensities of resolved hyperfine components are systematically different between DNC and HN13C. On the other hand, the excitation temperatures of DCN and H13CN are comparable to each other. Although the origin of these results is puzzling, the present result indicates that accurate evaluation of the excitation temperature is essential for deriving deuterium fractionation ratios accurately.
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