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Paper: Herschel's View on Late Stages of Stellar Evolution: New Enigmas to be Solved with ALMA
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 223
Authors: Decin, L.
Abstract: Evolved low-and intermediate mass stars expel their material in the form of a stellar wind. These winds creates huge envelopes which are cool, with temperatures typically around ∼20–1000 K, and which can ideally be studied in the infrared and sub-millimeter domain. Thanks to the imaging and spectroscopic capabilities of the instruments on board the ESA Herschel Space Observatory, astronomers got the unique possibility to study these stellar winds. In this review, I give a few examples of new insights gained thanks to Herschel on the complex dynamical and chemical processes going on in these envelopes and I point toward some scientific questions which might be answered using ALMA.
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