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Paper: A Resolved Keplerian Disk Around the Class 0 Protostar L1527: A Path for Disk Formation Studies in the ALMA Era
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 131
Authors: Tobin, J. J.
Abstract: The formation of proto-planetary disks begins during the earliest phase of the star formation process, while the nascent protostar is still surrounded by a dense envelope of gas and dust. I present millimeter interferometer observations from CARMA and the SMA at ∼0.3″ (42 AU) resolution, revealing an edge-on R ∼ 150 AU proto-planetary disk around the Class 0 protostar L1527. Observations of the 13CO (J = 2 → 1) transition trace a rotation curve that is consistent with Keplerian rotation (v ∝ R–0.5) are used to derive a protostellar mass of 0.19 ± 0.04 M. These observations represent the first direct measurement of protostellar mass from disk rotation and the most definitive evidence for a large disk around a typical Class 0 protostar. This lays the ground work for ALMA, which will be needed to make significant gains in the area of disk formation with vastly improved resolution and sensitivity. Most importantly, ALMA's ability to detect faint molecular lines will enable masses of a large number of Class 0 protostars to be measured for the first time.
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