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Paper: Submillimeter Galaxies in the SSA22 Protocluster at z = 3.1
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 271
Authors: Umehata, H.; Tamura, Y.; Kohno, K.
Abstract: We present the results from the 1.1mm continuum imaging the SSA22 field, which is known as an protocluster field which is traced by Lyα emitting galaxies (LAEs) at z = 3.1, with the AzTEC camera on ASTE telescope. We find 112 submillimeter(1.1mm)-selected galaxies (SMGs) with signal to noise ratio of ≥3.5 within 50% coverage region. Counterpart identification analysis utilizing radio(1.4GHz), MIPS ch1(24 μm) imaging data and IRAC color(3.6 μm, 4.5 μm, 5.8 μm, and 8.0 μm) diagnostics has been carried out to reveal that 48 SMGs have at least one reliable counterpart. We derived photometric redshifts of these sources and consequently seven z = 3.1 candidate SMGs are extracted. Two point angular correlation function between LAEs and these SMGs indicate that high density regions at the high redshift universe are the site of SMG/AGN formation. This picture is consistent with predictions from the standard model of hierarchical structure formation.
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