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Paper: Sub-mm Singledish and Interferometric Observations of the Proto-Cluster around 4C 23.56 at z = 2.5
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 263
Authors: Suzuki, K.; Kohno, K.; Tanaka, I.; Kodama, T.; Hatsukade, B.; Tamura, Y.; Nakanishi, K.; Iono, D.; Kajisawa, M.; Ikarashi, S.; Umehata, H.; Ivison, R. J.; Wilson, G. W.; Yun, M. S.; Hughes, D. H.; Aretxaga, I.; Zeballos, M.
Abstract: We investigate the association of multiple mm-bright galaxies to the proto-cluster around 4C 23.56 at z = 2.48 by the combined observation of the AzTEC/ASTE singledish and the Plateau de Bure Interferometer. We detected 1.8 mm emissions from four HAEs associated with this proto-cluster, and detected CO line from two of them. From these observed values, we investigated their star formation rates (SFRs) and variation in mass compositions. Their SFRs are estimated as 60 to 690 M yr–1 from their submm-mm fluxes. SFRs from mm fluxes for three HAEs are comparable to SFRs from extinction corrected Hα luminosity, but only for HAE 431, large discrepancy in two SFR estimators is seen and large star formation should be dust-obscured.
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