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Paper: Fundamental Planes of the Interstellar Medium
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 57
Authors: Komugi, S.; Miura, R.; Onodera, S.; Kuno, N.; Tosaki, T.; NRO MAGIC team
Abstract: We report the discovery of two fundamental planes of the interstellar medium at the scale of giant molecular clouds (GMCs) or ∼100 parsecs, in the nearby spiral galaxy M33. The two planes relate the properties of the GMCs with star formation rates, dust and the general interstellar radiation field. The Schmidt-Kennicutt relation is a two-dimensional projection of this plane, but is non-existent at this scale. We find however a clear correlation between dust density and the star formation rate. GMCs at different stages of evolution occupy distinct regions within the planes, which have implications on the nature of how GMCs and star forming regions evolve as a whole.
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