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Paper: The Dynamical State of Filementary Infrared Dark Cloud, Serpens South
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 363
Authors: Tanaka, T.; Awazu, Y.; Nakamura, F.; Sugitani, K.; Shimajiri, Y.; Kawabe, R.; Ohnishi, T.; Yoshida, H.
Abstract: We present the results of N2H+ (J=1-0) observations toward the nearest filamentary infrared dark cloud, Serpens South, using the NRO 45m telescope. From the N2H+ data, we derive the spatial distributions of the physical quantities such as the velocity width. Using the dust continuum map, we divide the cloud into several clumps with sub-pc radii. The masses of the clumps are estimated to be 40 – 200 . Applying the virial analysis, we found that the virial ratios of the clumps are as small as a ≈ 0.2, indicating that the internal motions play only a minor role in the clump support. However, the clumps do not exhibit any signs of the free-fall collapse. The clumps may be supported against gravity, presumably by the globally-ordered magnetic field recently discovered by Sugitani and his collaborators.
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