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Paper: Cluster Formation in the Sh247/ Sh252/ BFS52 Regions
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 365
Authors: Shimoikura, T.; Dobashi, K.; Onishi, T.; Ogawa, H.; Kimura, K.; Nishimura, A.; Matsumoto, T.; Nakamura, F.; Saito, H.
Abstract: We present results of the observations carried out toward the Sh247, Sh252, and BFS52 H II regions with various molecular lines using the 1.85 m radio telescope and the 45 m telescope at the Nobeyama Radio Observatory. These regions are known to be active cluster forming sites, and are suited to carry out a study of cluster formation. Based on the molecular line observations, we identified 16 clumps forming young IR clusters as seen in the 2MASS images, and we investigated the relationships between the physical parameters of the clumps and the clusters.
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