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Paper: Chemistry and the “Prestellar” Nature of the IRDC G028.23-00.19
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 337
Authors: Sanhueza, P.; Jackson, J. M.; Foster, J. B.
Abstract: In order to study the chemistry and evaluate the prestellar nature of the infrared dark cloud (IRDC) G028.23-00.19, we observed it in several molecular lines at 3.3 mm with CARMA. This IRDC hosts one of the most massive prestellar clumps known (650 \Msun). Our observations reveal intriguing SiO and CH3OH emission that may indicate active star formation in the northern and southern regions of the IRDC, unassociated with the massive prestellar clump located in its center (MM1). We suggest that MM1 is the prime example of a prestellar clump, being in a very early stage of evolution.
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