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Paper: The Mass Loss History of WX Psc
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 395
Authors: Trejo, A.; Zhao-Geisler, R.; Kemper, F.
Abstract: WX Psc is a very-late type (oxygen-rich) and long-period variable AGB star. The mass loss history was inferred by Decin et al. (2007) from single dish observations of multiple rotational transitions of CO using radiative transfer modelling. In this work we do a similar analysis using interferometric observations, from the SMA in the CO 2–1 transition, and from the PdBI in the CO 2–1 and 1–0 transitions. We also analysed single-dish maps obtained with APEX in CO 3–2 and 2–1. This allows to observe the extended emission and test the mass loss history derived at different angular scales and therefore time scales. Here we present our current findings and future work on this project.
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