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Paper: New Detection of an Extremely Blue-shift Dominated Jet in G353.273+0.641: A Possible Disk-Jet System on 100 AU Scale
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 381
Authors: Motogi, K.; Fujisawa, K.; Sugiyama, K.; Niinuma, K.; Sorai, K.; Honma, M.; Hirota, T.; Yonekura, Y.; Hachisuka, K.; Walsh, A. J.
Abstract: We report a new detection of an unusual molecular jet from a high mass protostellar object G353.273+0.641 using the NRO 45m telescope. Newly detected SiO (υ = 0, J = 2-1) jet shows highly blue-shift dominated spectrum similar to the associated 22 GHz maser emission. The remarkable blue-shift dominance in both of the maser and SiO emission can be caused by a compact (< 170 AU) and optically thick face-on disk, masking the red-shifted part of the jet.
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