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Paper: Discovery of the rotating molecular outflow and disk in the Class-0/I protostar [BHB2007]#11 in Pipe
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 373
Authors: Hara, C.; Kawabe, R.; Shimajiri, Y.; Ueda, J.; Kurono, Y.; Tsukagoshi, T.; Nakamura, F.; Saito, M.; Wilner, D.
Abstract: We present the results of our Submillimeter Array (SMA) observations toward a Class-0/I protostar, [BHB2007]#11 (hereafter, B59#11) at the nearby starforming region, Barnard 59 (B59) in the Pipe Nebula (d ∼ 130 pc ; Lombardi et al. 2006) with ∼1″ (corresponding to 130 AU) resolution in CO, 13CO, and C18O(2–1) emissions. We have revealed that a flattened envelope and disk are associated with B59#11. In addition, the outflow ejected from B59#11 might be rotating. We suggest that B59#11 is one of the best targets to reveal the disk/outflow kinematics and address to the angular momentum problem.
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