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Paper: Chemical Compositions of Massive Clumps in Early Evolutionary Stages of High-Mass Star Formation
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 371
Authors: Sakai, T.; Sakai, N.; Furuya, K.; Aikawa, Y.; Hirota, T.; Yamamoto, S.
Abstract: We have conducted systematic surveys of several molecular lines toward massive clumps, which include infrared dark clouds (IRDCs) and high-mass protostellar objects (HMPOs), in order to investigate their evolutionary stages. From these surveys, we have found that most of the massive clumps are chemically more evolved than young low-mass starless cores, and that the shocks due to interaction between outflow and ambient dense gas are more significant in the earlier evolutionary stage of high-mass star formation. Furthermore, we suggest that the initial condition may be different between high- and low-mass star formation.
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