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Paper: Submillimeter and Near Infrared Studies for the Evolved Transition Disk around Sz 91
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 391
Authors: Tsukagoshi, T.; Momose, M.; Hashimoto, J.; Kudo, T.; Andrews, S.; Ohashi, N.; Kitamura, Y.; Saito, M.; Wilner, D.; Tamura, M.; Kawabe, R.
Abstract: We performed aperture synthesis 345 GHz continuum and CO(3–2) observations with SMA and Ks-band polarized intensity imaging with the Subaru telescope for a transition disk around class III object in Lupus, Sz 91. Our observations successfully resolved the dust disk with a radius of 170 AU and unveiled the inner hole with a radius of 65 AU. In addition, we found the rotating gas disk with a radius of 260 AU in the CO(3–2) line. The model fitting to the spectral energy distribution reveals that the disk contains a mass of 2.2×10–3 in the cold outer part of the disk, and a small amount (≥ 10-6 MJup) of warm dust (≥ 150 K) remains in the inner hole of the disk. The structure of the hot component could be interpreted by either a self-luminous emitting body (e.g., circumplanetary disk) or a ring in the inner hole of the disk.
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