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Paper: The Shock Chemistry of Phosphorus in the Shocked Region L1157 B1
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 333
Authors: Aota, T.; Aikawa, Y.
Abstract: We study the evolution of phosphorous-bearing species in one-dimensional C-shock models. We find that the abundances of P-bearing species depend sensitively on the elemental abundance of P in the gas phase and on the abundance of N atoms in the pre-shock gas. The observed abundance of PN and the non-detection of PO towards L1157 B1 are reproduced in C-shock models with shock velocity v = 20 km s-1 and pre-shock density n(H2) = 104 cm–3 – 105 cm–3, if the elemental abundance of P in the gas phase is ∼ 10–9 relative to hydrogen and the N-atom abundance is n(N)/nH ∼ 10–5 in the pre-shock gas. We also find that P-chemistry is sensitive to O- and N-chemistry, because N atoms are destroyed mainly by OH and NO.
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