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Paper: Tracing Galactic Magnetic Fields … through Zeeman Splitting of Masers from the MMB, MAGMO and GASKAP Proj-ects
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 331
Authors: Green, J.
Abstract: Correlation of observations of hydroxyl maser emission towards hundreds of sites of high-mass star formation, spread throughout the spiral arms of the Galaxy, will extensively test if the orientations of large-scale magnetic fields can be traced by the masers in the high density regions of the spiral arms. The Zeeman splitting of the hydroxyl maser emission will determine the strength and line of sight orientation of the magnetic field associated with ultra-compact HII regions. I report on three complementary surveys addressing this issue: the Methanol Multibeam, MAGMO and GASKAP. With a sample much larger and more homogeneous than previously available, these surveys will have the statistics necessary to outweigh random fluctuations and determine if the underlying Galactic magnetic field is traced.
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