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Paper: Chemistry in Star Forming Regions - Herschel Looking Towards ALMA
Volume: 476, New Trends in Radio Astronomy in the ALMA Era
Page: 185
Authors: Bergin, E. A.; Cleeves, L. I.; Crockett, N. R.; Favre, C.; Neill, J. L.
Abstract: In this contribution we present a census of results from the Herschel Space Observatory regarding molecules in space. With ALMA coming online we frame our discussion towards what the Herschel results are telling us about chemistry in space and how we can use ALMA to look deeper. Key aspects to be discussed include the chemistry of organics in hot cores based on near complete spectral scans obtained by Herschel covering from 460 GHz to 1.9 THz with 1 MHz resolution. We discuss some of the results that arise from our model of the full spectrum and their synergy with ALMA. Finally, we present a new detection of the fundamental transition of Hydrogen Deuteride towards the closest young planet-forming disk, TW Hya. We discuss how this detection can aid in resolving the uncertainty regarding the disk gas mass.
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