Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Volume: 238 Year: 2001 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Harnden, F. R., Jr.; Primini, Frances A.; Payne, Harry E.
ISBN: 1080-7926 eISBN: 978-1-58381-574-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
The National Virtual Observatory 3 Szalay, A. S.
Chandra X-Ray Observatory - First Year Science Highlights 13 Murray, S. S.
Chandra X-ray Observatory Operations 22 Brissenden, R. J.
The SIRTF Science Center Is Alive And Well And Living In Pasadena 32 Green, W. B.
Advanced Architecture for the Infrared Science Archive 36 Berriman, G. B.; Chiu, N.-M.; Good, J.; Handley, T.; Johnson, A.; Kong, M.; Monkewitz, S.; Norton, S. W.; Zhang, A.
A Parallel, Distributed Archive Template for the VO 40 Thakar, A. R.; Kunszt, P. Z.; Szalay, A. S.
Tools for Coordinating Planning Between Observatories 44 Jones, J.; Maks, L.; Fishman, M.; Grella, V.; Kerbel, U.; Misra, D.; Pell, V.
The Scientist's Expert Assistant Simulation Facility 48 Wolf, K. R.; Li, C.; Jones, J.; Matusow, D.; Grosvenor, S.; Koratkar, A.
Data Information Services at the Infrared Science Archive 52 Good, J.; Kong, M.; Berriman, G. B.; Chiu, N.-M.; Handley, T.; Johnson, A.; Lee, W.-P.; Ma, J.
The CDS Information Hub 56 Genova, F.; Bonnarel, F.; Dubois, P.; Egret, D.; Fernique, P.; Lesteven, S.; Ochsenbein, F.; Wenger, M.; Ortiz, P. F.
The PyRAF Graphics System 59 de La Peña, M. D.; White, R. L.; Greenfield, P.
AstroRoute 63 Fernique, P.; Durand, D.
Hera: Building a Web-Based Analysis Environment at the HEASARC 67 Heikkila, C. W.; Pence, W. D.; McGlynn, T. A.; Wilson, P.; Peachey, J.; Gan, N.; Sabol, E.; Arnaud, K. A.
MAISON: A Web Service of Creating Composite Images On-the-fly for Pointing and Survey Observational Images 70 Watanabe, M.; Aoki, K.; Miura, A.; Yasuda, N.; Uno, S.
The ALADIN Survey Integrator 74 Bonnarel, F.; Fernique, P.; Genova, F.; Bienaymé, O.; Egret, D.
Visual Exploration of Astronomical Documents 78 Lesteven, S.; Poinçot, P.; Murtagh, F.
The CARMA Data Viewer 82 Pound, M. W.; Hobbs, R.; Scott, S.
The Design of Solar Web, a Web Tool for Searching in Heterogeneous Web-based Solar Databases 86 Scholl, I.
Quick-look Applet Spectrum 2 90 Dolensky, M.; Pirenne, B.; Binegar, S.; Brandt, M.; Gaffney, N.; Arviset, C.; Hernandez, J.
The New JCMT Holographic Surface Mapping System - Implementation 93 Smith, I. A.; Baas, F.; Olivera, F.; Rees, N. P.; Dabrowski, Y.; Hills, R.; Richer, J.; Smith, H.; Ellison, B.
The 4-m International Liquid Mirror Telescope Project (ILMT) 97 Poels, J.; Borra, E.; Claeskens, J. F.; Jean, C.; Manfroid, J.; Montfort, F.; Moreau, O.; Nakos, Th.; Surdej, J.; Swings, J. P.; van Dessel, E.; Vangeyte, B.
Hands-On Universe: A Global Program for Education and Public Outreach in Astronomy 103 Boër, M.; Thiébaut, C.; Pack, H.; Pennypaker, C.; Isaac, M.; Melchior, A.-L.; Faye, S.; Ebisuzaki, T.
Space Science Education Resource Directory 107 Christian, C. A.; Scollick, K.
Hands-On TAROT: Intercontinental Use of the TAROT for Education and Public Outreach 111 Boër, M.; Thiébaut, C.; Klotz, A.; Buchholtz, G.; Melchior, A.-L.; Pennypaker, C.; Isaac, M.; Ebisuzaki, T.
A Japan-U.S. Educational Collaboration: Using the Telescopes in Education (TIE) Program via Intelsat 115 Shopbell, P. L.; Hsu, E.; Kadowaki, N.; Clark, G.
Using the Net for Education and Outreach in Astronomy 119 Benacchio, L.
The Uccle Direct Astronomical Plate Archive Centre UDAPAC---A New International Facility for Inherited Observations 125 de Cuyper, J.-P.; Elst, E.; Hensberge, H.; Lampens, P.; Pauwels, T.; van Dessel, E.; Brosch, N.; Hudec, R.; Kroll, P.; Tsvetkov, M.
Providing Improved WCS Facilities Through the Starlink AST and NDF Libraries 129 Berry, D. S.
A System for Low-Cost Access to Very Large Catalogs 133 Kalpakis, K.; Riggs, M.; Pasad, M.; Puttagunta, V.; Behnke, J.
An Observer's View of the ORAC System at UKIRT 137 Wright, G. S.; Bridger, A. B.; Pickup, D. A.; Tan, M.; Folger, M.; Economou, F.; Adamson, A. J.; Currie, M. J.; Rees, N. P.; Purves, M.; Kackley, R. D.
ASTROVIRTEL: Accessing Astronomical Archives as Virtual Telescopes 141 Pierfederici, F.; Benvenuti, P.; Micol, A.; Pirenne, B.; Wicenec, A.
PICsIM -- the INTEGRAL/IBIS/PICsIT Observation Simulation Tool for Prototype Software Evaluation 144 Stephen, J. B.; Foschini, L.
An Enhanced Data Flow Scheme to Boost Observatory Mine-ability and Archive Interoperability 148 Micol, A.; Amico, P.
INES Version 3.0: Functionalities and Contents 152 Solano, E.; González-Riestra, R.; Talavera, A.; Rodríguez, F.; de La Fuente, A. J.; Skillen, I.; Ponz, J. D.; Wamsteker, W.
INES: The Next Generation Astronomical Data Distribution System 156 González-Riestra, R.; Solano, E.; Talavera, A.; Rodríguez, F.; García, J.; Martínez, J.; Montesinos, B.; Sanz, L.; de La Fuente, A. J.; Skillen, I.; Ponz, J. D.; Wamsteker, W.
The OaPd System for Web Access to Large Astronomical Catalogues 160 Benfante, L.; Volpato, A.; Baruffolo, A.; Benacchio, L.
The Submillimeter Array Data-Handling System 164 Zhao, J.-H.; Tsutsumi, T.
See Spike Run... Run, Spike, Run 168 Zimmerman, L.
CIA V5.0---the Legacy Package for ISOCAM Interactive Analysis 170 Ott, S.; Gastaud, R.; Ali, B.; Delaney, M.; Miville-Deschênes, M.-A.; Okumura, K.; Sauvage, M.; Guest, S.
The Multimission Archive at the Space Telescope Science Institute 174 Padovani, P.; Christian, D.; Donahue, M.; Imhoff, C.; Kimball, T.; Levay, K.; Postman, M.; Smith, M.; Thompson, R.
STPOA---The New Pipeline Package for the HST Post-Operational Archive 178 Alexov, A.; Bristow, P.; Kerber, F.; Rosa, M.
The SuperCOSMOS Sky Surveys 182 Read, M. A.; Hambly, N. C.
SOFIA's CORBA Experiences: Instances of Software Development 189 Graybeal, J.; Krzaczek, R.; Milburn, J.
Software Engineering Practices for the ESO VLT Programme 199 Filippi, G.; Sivera, P.; Carbognani, F.
Exploiting VSIPL and OpenMP for Parallel Image Processing 209 Kepner, J.
CORBA as an Interoperability Tool for Astronomy 213 Wenger, M.; Frisée, L.
Specifics on a XML Data Format for Scientific Data 217 Shaya, E.; Thomas, B.; Cheung, C.
Declarative Metadata Processing with XML and Java 221 Guillaume, D. R.; Plante, R.
Funtools: An Experiment with Minimal Buy-in Software 225 Mandel, E.; Murray, S. S.; Roll, J. B.
Embedded Astrophysics Query Support Using Informix Datablades 229 Zhang, A.; Handley, T.
msg: A Message-Passing Library 233 Roll, J. B.; Mandel, J.
DASH---Distributed Analysis System Hierarchy 237 Yagi, M.; Mizumoto, Y.; Yoshida, M.; Kosugi, G.; Takata, T.; Ogasawara, R.; Ishihara, Y.; Morita, Y.; Nakamoto, H.; Watanabe, N.
ADASS Web Database XML Project 241 Barg, M. I.; Stobie, E. B.; Ferro, A. J.; O'Neil, E. J.
DISCoS---Detector-Independent Software for On-Ground Testing and Calibration of Scientific Payloads Using the ESA Packet Telemetry and Telecommand Standards 245 Gianotti, F.; Trifoglio, M.
CAOS Simulation Package 3.0: an IDL-based Tool for Adaptive Optics Systems Design and Simulations 249 Carbillet, M.; Fini, L.; Femenía, B.; Riccardi, A.; Esposito, S.; Viard, É; Delplancke, F.; Hubin, N.
The CAOS Application Builder 253 Fini, L.; Carbillet, M.; Riccardi, A.
Software Fault Tolerance for Low-to-Moderate Radiation Environments 257 Sengupta, R.; Offenberg, J. D.; Fixsen, D. J.; Katz, D. S.; Springer, P. L.; Stockman, H. S.; Nieto-Santisteban, M. A.; Hanisch, R. J.; Mather, J. C.
Extending the XImtool Display Server Using Components 261 Fitzpatrick, M.; Tody, D.
Linux BoF 265 Daly, P. N.
The SDSS Imaging Pipelines 269 Lupton, R.; Gunn, J. E.; Ivezić, Z.; Knapp, G. R.; Kent, S.
The Networked Telescope: Progress Toward a Grid Architecture for Pipeline Processing 279 Plante, R.; Mehringer, D.; Guillaume, D. R.; Crutcher, R.
The ESO Imaging Survey Project: Status and Pipeline Software 283 Hook, R. N.; Arnouts, S.; Benoist, C.; da Costa, L.; Mignani, R.; Rité, C.; Schirmer, M.; Slijkhuis, R.; Vandame, B.; Wicenec, A.
GIGAWULF: Powering the Isaac Newton Group's Data Pipeline 287 Greimel, R.; Walton, N. A.; Abrams, D. C.; Irwin, M. J.; Lewis, J. R.
Using OPUS to Perform HST On-The-Fly Re-Processing (OTFR) 291 Swam, M. S.; Hopkins, E.; Swade, D. A.
HST Data Flow with On-The-Fly Reprocessing 295 Swade, D. A.; Hopkins, E.; Swam, M. S.
Automated Reduction and Calibration of SCUBA Archive Data Using ORAC-DR 299 Jenness, T.; Stevens, J. A.; Archibald, E. N.; Economou, F.; Jessop, N.; Robson, E. I.; Tilanus, R. P. J.; Holland, W. S.
The Chandra Automatic Processing/Archive Interface 303 Subramanian, S.; Plummer, D. A.
A High Throughput Photometric Pipeline 306 Reid, M. L.; Sullivan, D. J.; Dodd, R. J.
Interactive Analysis and Scripting in CIAO 2.0 310 Doe, S.; Noble, M.; Smith, R.
Infrared Spectroscopy Data Reduction with ORAC-DR 314 Economou, F.; Jenness, T.; Cavanagh, B.; Wright, G. S.; Bridger, A. B.; Kerr, T. H.; Hirst, P.; Adamson, A. J.
Infrared Imaging Data Reduction Software and Techniques 317 Sabbey, C. N.; McMahon, R. G.; Lewis, J. R.; Irwin, M. J.
ADS's Dexter Data Extraction Applet 321 Demleitner, M.; Accomazzi, A.; Eichhorn, G.; Grant, C. S.; Kurtz, M. J.; Murray, S. S.
The OPUS CORBA Blackboards and the New OPUS Java Managers 325 Miller, W. W., III; Rose, J. F.
An Extragalactic Point Source Simulator for SIRTF Pipeline Testing 329 Kolhatkar, S.; Fang, F.; Moshir, M. M.
Interfacing Real-time Linux and LabVIEW 333 Daly, P. N.
The Basic Calibrated Data Processing Pipeline for SIRTF IRS 337 Fang, F.; Narron, R.; Waterson, C.; Li, J.; Moshir, M. M.
Astronomical Software---A Review 343 Shortridge, K.
Reflections on a Decade of ADASS 349 Shaw, R. A.; Stobie, E. B.; Barg, M. I.
The Evolution of GIPSY---or the Survival of an Image Processing System 358 Vogelaar, M. G. R.; Terlouw, J. P.
The LWS Interactive Analysis (LIA) Package 365 Chan, S. J.; Sidher, S. D.; Swinyard, B. M.; Hutchinson, M. G.; Lord, S.; Molinari, S.; Unger, S. J.; Leeks, S. J.
Prototypical Operations Support Tools for NASA Interferometer Missions: Applications to Studies of Binary Stars Using the Palomar Testbed Interferometer 369 Bambery, R. J.; Backus, C.
Correction of Systematic Errors in Differential Photometry 373 Manfroid, J.; Royer, P.; Rauw, G.; Gosset, E.
Projective Transform Techniques to Reconstruct the 3-D Structure and the Temporal Evolution of Solar Polar Plumes 377 Llebaria, A.; Thernisien, A.; Lamy, P.
Pile-up on X-ray CCD Instruments 381 Ballet, J.
ATV: An Image-Display Tool for IDL 385 Barth, A. J.
A New Field-Matching Method for Astronomical Images 388 Thiébaut, C.; Boër, M.
A System for Web-based Access to the HSOS Database 392 Lin, G.
Uniform Data Sampling: Noise Reduction & Cosmic Rays 396 Offenberg, J. D.; Fixsen, D. J.; Nieto-Santisteban, M. A.; Sengupta, R.; Mather, J. C.; Stockman, H. S.
New Tools for the Analysis of ISOPHOT P32 Mapping Data in PIA 400 Gabriel, C.; Tuffs, R. J.
AIRY: Astronomical Image Restoration in interferometrY 404 Correia, S.; Carbillet, M.; Fini, L.; Boccacci, P.; Bertero, M.; Vallenari, A.; Richichi, A.; Barbati, M.
Parallelization of Widefield Imaging in AIPS++ 408 Golap, K.; Kemball, A.; Cornwell, T.; Young, W.
Ionospheric Corrections in AIPS++ 411 Smirnov, O.
Redesign and Reimplementation of XSPEC 415 Dorman, B.; Arnaud, K. A.
A Flexible Object Oriented Design for Page Formating 419 Adams-Wolk, N. R.
The Stellar Spectra Acquisition, Reduction, and Archiving Systems at the Ondřejov Observatory 2-meter Telescope 423 škoda, P.; Honsa, J.; šlechta, M.
HST NICMOS Residual Bias Removal Techniques 427 Bushouse, H.
Deconvolution of ``Drizzled'' and Rotated HST/WFPC2 Images: Faint-object Photometry in Crowded Fields 431 Butler, R. F.; Golden, A.; Shearer, A.
The Chandra X-ray Observatory PSF Library 435 Karovska, M.; Beikman, S. J.; Elvis, M. S.; Flanagan, J. M.; Gaetz, T.; Glotfelty, K. J.; Jerius, D.; McDowell, J. C.; Rots, A. H.
On the Fly Bad Pixel Detection for the Chandra X-ray Observatory's Aspect Camera 439 Cresitello-Dittmar, M.; Aldcroft, T. L.; Morris, D.
The Sliding-Cell Detection Program for Chandra X-ray Data 443 Calderwood, T.; Dobrzycki, A.; Jessop, H.; Harris, D. E.
SLIM: A Program to Simulate the ACS Spectroscopic Modes 447 Pirzkal, N.; Pasquali, A.; Hook, R. N.; Walsh, J. R.; Fosbury, R. A. E.; Freudling, W.; Albrecht, R.
Automated Spectral Extraction for High Multiplexing MOS and IFU Observations 451 Scodeggio, M.; Zanichelli, A.; Garilli, B.; Le Fèvre, O.; Vettolani, G.
The VIMOS Mask Preparation Software 455 Bottini, D.; Garilli, B.; Tresse, L.
IFU Data Products and Reduction Software 459 Allan, A.; Allington-Smith, J.; Turner, J.; Johnson, R.; Miller, B.; Valdes, F. G.
The ST5000: An Attitude Determination System with Low-Bandwidth Digital Imaging 463 Percival, J. W.; Nordsieck, K. H.
An Object Oriented Design for Monitoring the Chandra Science Instrument X-ray Background 467 Petreshock, J. G.; Wolk, S. J.; Cresitello-Dittmar, M.; Isobe, T.
Kalman Filtering in Chandra Aspect Determination 471 Hain, R.; Aldcroft, T. L.; Cameron, R. A.; Cresitello-Dittmar, M.; Karovska, M.
The Chandra Automatic Data Processing Infrastructure 475 Plummer, D. A.; Subramanian, S.
The FITS Embedded Function Format 479 Rots, A. H.; McDowell, J. C.; Wise, M.; He, X. H.; Freeman, P. E.
New Elements of Sherpa, CIAO's Modeling and Fitting Tool 483 Freeman, P. E.; Doe, S.; Siemiginowska, A.
Converting FITS into XML: Methods and Advantages 487 Thomas, B.; Shaya, E.; Cheung, C.
SVDFIT: An IRAF Task for Eigenvector Sky Subtraction 491 Mink, D. J.; Kurtz, M. J.
BIMA Xfiles: Empowering the Observer with Tcl/Tk Applications 495 Yu, T.
Immersive 4-D Interactive Visualization of Large-Scale Simulations 499 Teuben, P. J.; Hut, P.; Levy, S.; Makino, J.; McMillan, S.; Portegies Zwart, S.; Shara, M.; Emmart, C.
An Integrated Procedure for Tree N-body Simulations: FLY and AstroMD 503 Becciani, U.; Antonuccio-Delogu, V.; Buonomo, F.; Gheller, C.
ACE: Astronomical Cataloging Environment 507 Valdes, F. G.
Automated Photometric Calibration Software For IRAF 511 Davis, L. E.
CCD Charge Shuffling Improvements for ICE 515 Seaman, R. L.
Enhancements of MKRMF 518 He, X. H.; Wise, M.; Glotfelty, K. J.
Development of Radio Astronomical Data Reduction Software NEWSTAR 522 Ikeda, M.; Nishiyama, K.; Ohishi, M.; Tatematsu, K.
ESO C Library for an Image Processing Software Environment (eclipse) 525 Devillard, N.
Developing a Wavelet CLEAN Algorithm for Radio-Interferometer Imaging 529 Horiuchi, S.; Kameno, S.; Ohishi, M.