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Paper: Quick-look Applet Spectrum 2
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 90
Authors: Dolensky, M.; Pirenne, B.; Binegar, S.; Brandt, M.; Gaffney, N.; Arviset, C.; Hernandez, J.
Abstract: Spectrum 2 is a new quick-look applet for spectra. It serves as part of the ST-ECF HST archive web interface. Prior to display the ESO Fits Translation Utility (FTU) is used to homogenize plots of data from HST instruments STIS, FOS and GHRS. Spectrum 2 supports manipulations of multiple spectra. It will also be integrated within STScI's new archive browser StarView 6. A stand-alone version of Spectrum 2 is available for download. This article concentrates on the software architecture and interfaces of this java utility since it is composed of various components mainly developed by ESA-IDC and ST-ECF.
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