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Paper: The ESO Imaging Survey Project: Status and Pipeline Software
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 283
Authors: Hook, R. N.; Arnouts, S.; Benoist, C.; da Costa, L.; Mignani, R.; Rité, C.; Schirmer, M.; Slijkhuis, R.; Vandame, B.; Wicenec, A.
Abstract: The ESO Imaging Survey (EIS) is a major public imaging survey project being conducted by the European Southern Observatory using several different telescopes and detectors at La Silla in Chile. The primary aim is the identification of samples suitable for more detailed study using the ESO Very Large Telescope (VLT). The first part of the project consisted of two parts: EIS-Wide, an optical survey to moderate depth (IAB ~< 24) covering about 20 square degrees; and EIS-Deep, which covered smaller areas of sky to greater depth (BAB ~< 26.5) and also included deep near-IR imaging. These surveys are essentially complete and the data are available to users world-wide through the EIS web pages. Following a successful pilot project with the new Wide Field Imager (WFI) on the 2.2m telescope at La Silla, the EIS team is now engaged in a public imaging survey using the WFI telescope in conjunction with IR imaging using SOFI on the NTT. Three deep fields of one degree square, including the Chandra Deep Field South (CDF-S), are being imaged in the optical along with smaller sub-areas in IR bands. In addition, 160 stellar fields have been imaged as part of the preparations for the use of the FLAMES fibre-feed system for spectrographs on the VLT. To support the large data volume from this survey and to facilitate its rapid scientific exploitation, a complete end-to-end pipeline system has been developed. Here we give a brief outline of the project so far, and describe the motivation and architecture for the pipeline software.
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