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Paper: The Stellar Spectra Acquisition, Reduction, and Archiving Systems at the Ondřejov Observatory 2-meter Telescope
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 423
Authors: škoda, P.; Honsa, J.; šlechta, M.
Abstract: The 2-meter telescope of the Ondřejov Observatory near Prague is a middle-class instrument fully devoted to high dispersion stellar spectroscopy. The data are produced by two acquisition systems of different generations. The older linear detector Reticon 1872 AF is controlled by a DOS program providing quick-look display capability as well. The second is a CCD driven by a stand-alone Linux program. The quick-look is provided by SAOimage or XImtool through data pipes. An easy access to both the raw and reduced data is provided by a simple WWW-based archiving system. We give a basic overview of these systems and software methods used for their communication with the spectrograph control system.
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