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Paper: Parallelization of Widefield Imaging in AIPS++
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 408
Authors: Golap, K.; Kemball, A.; Cornwell, T.; Young, W.
Abstract: At low frequencies, large synthesis arrays in Radio Astronomy, such as the Very Large Array (VLA), effectively require that a 3-D Fourier transform be used in imaging, rather than the conventional 2-D transform. Given the large data volumes associated with observations of this type, this ensures that these problems are amongst the most computationally demanding in radio astronomy. Typical image sizes are of the order of a few million pixels. The wide-field imaging problem can be made more tractable by using parallelization. In this paper, we discuss the general wide-field imaging algorithm used in AIPS++, and the techniques used for its parallelization.
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